the little lady

Behold, a photo dump for the aunts and grandmas (sorry for the insta repeats): We play a lot of hide and seek.  She hides in the same spot over and over and over.  It used to be behind the dresser, and once when Tanner and I were playing we thought we’d trick her into hiding somewhere else, so we sat behind her dresser while we counted and told her to go hide.  We started looking for her and found her sitting on the couch in the main room just staring at us like “what are you idiots doing?  I’m right here”    Now she hides under her crib every time. 1394594083943I started watching my friends baby a little bit and I’d put her in my wrap occasionally.  Camryn loved having a baby around (after she got over hating it) and wanted to carry around and take care of her baby.  One day she insisted I strap it to her body just like my wrap.  CAM00743her and lily in the sandbox.  we spend a lot of time at this sandbox.  1394671217635the one and only day tanner has ever “done” her hair (p.s. this photo is not letting a cat out of the bag–that’s just a stack of the heaviest books we own that I use to press my notebook covers after gluing)CAM00749storytime at the provo library.  and this, i kid you not is 1/3 of the crowd.  CAM00756one day after a wind storm, we came home and she wouldn’t go inside until she’d played with all the fallen sticks for over an hourIMG_20140320_141826ward pinewood derby.  she and lily were extremely entertaining cheerleadersCAM00771CAM00773CAM007741395758179457i think i took this picture to accompany a text to tanner that read:  our child’s hair is so fantasticCAM00785we had just taught her about her “pockets” and she was really happy about itIMG_20140326_172604our neighbors got chickens.  I’m super super jealous and now we go visit the chickens on the dailyCAM00789this girl needs rain bootsCAM00795she’s newly obsessed with this Ikea frog fairy my mom got herCAM00798it accompany’s us on all our walksCAM00799 we took her bowling once.  she loved it i promise.  (mini golfing on the other hand was a train wreck)CAM00683she’s cute and we love her.  the end. CAM00801