Little Mr. Drew Conrad

Just a photo dump of Drew because I have all these cute photos burning a hole in my phone and it would probably be annoying if I kept constantly texting them to family members? And today I put a collared shirt and jeans on him and I’m feeling all kinds of sentimental about how big and grown up he looks. If you’re wondering, I’m doing a million times better and now that I’m not in pain, getting semi-decent stretches of sleep, and camryn is well, I feel like I’m actually enjoying this little guy how I want to. It’s so unfair that when they are tiny your body is so out of whack that you’re miserable! I guess that’s what grandkids are for?









It’s a count your blessings kind of day

Anybody else hating on today as much as I am? Monday. January. Freezing. The first Monday back after the holiday break. Probably the worst day of the year, no? Nothing good is going for it. The good and magical part of winter is behind us with crappy, sludgy, grey days ahead of us. For us stay at home med school wives, the husbands are all back to school. But actually, mostly I was hating on today yesterday, and today I’m being almost obnoxiously and very intentionally consciously cheerful. Because dang it, I am going to make it to spring. And I’m going to be happy about it. I have a lot of things to be grateful for and I made myself notice and write them all down today.

I’m grateful there is a washer/dryer in my garage (Lucy & Ethel I like to call them)

And for a warm house to protect me from ridiculous temperatures

For the entire medela product line which has allowed me to breast feed (whoever says breastfeeding is free didn’t need sheilds, pads, pumps, soothies, prescription cream, bras, tanks, etc. Drew and I aren’t really naturals, and this stuff don’t come cheap.)

Grateful that every time camryn tries to yell at me or talk back, it only comes out as a whisper–her voice is still gone.  Day 11 of illness but hey, silver lining.

Grateful that tanner took such good care of Camryn the last couple weeks so that I could focus on Drew. We didn’t want him to catch her croup so to keep them apart, we divided and conquered.

None of my appliances are broken

Apps that make life easier

My Etsy shop that gives me a constant, satisfying, creative project

I love the feeling of shipping off a finished notebook

Grateful a squirrel didn’t break into my house over the break, poop and pee all over my house, and chew through my refrigerator line flooding the whole place. I’m just saying. That may have happened to my sister. (And the squirrel was still in the house! for 3 days til they could get rid of it!)

Being able to laugh at the misfortunes of others.  I’m sorry Alison but that squirrel incident was so funny.

Camryn took a 3 1/2 hour nap

I have the two most beeeeeeautiful babies

baby hands! baby feet! baby lips! baby coos!!  mmm i love me some baby

My kindle that keeps me usefully entertained during endless nursing sessions instead of rotting my brain out on Facebook (no more facebook!)

I made it til 6:00 (and counting) without either of the children screaming at me

A quiet peaceful house while I made dinner (“made dinner”= warmed up Trader Joe’s frozen potstickers.  Don’t think I’m getting too accomplished over here)

A pretty sunset sky out my kitchen window

a shower

My husband is funny (“is everyone still sleeping? what did you put in their food–a little nyquil you little cheater?”)

So today turned out pretty ok–count yo blessings friends