7 Quick Takes

  1. Well, the beginning of this school year really just reads out like a Series of Unfortunate Events–the flat tire, the poison ivy, the stomach flu Labor day weekend from hell, the $1,052 bill I got in the mail from the water company because they forgot to be sending us water bills for the past 15 months we’ve lived here. . . wtf KC Water Services? W. T. F. !?!?? two pricey car repairs, oh, and then the dishwasher breaking. Washing dishes by hand is like, the funnest ever.


But don’t worry readers, Tanner’s new tutoring position is paid and really bringing home the bacon


Almost an entire Andrew Jackson. This is what financial security looks like, folks.

Remarkably, despite all of that, I’m feeling like this year is going to be a whole lot harder for Tanner, but easier on me. It’s nice to not be new–I think I hate being new. I have friends now, I’m busier than I was last year, and I know how to get more than 3 places without the help of my gps. Things are on the up & up.

2. I need some flannel. Like, why don’t I own 10 flannel shirts? I guess probably because flannel wasn’t cool at H & M 3 years ago when Maddy was buying all the shirts that she just handed down to me. So, when did flannel come to H & M?  because I am likely to inherit some a couple years after whenever that was.

3. Meg Conley is my absolute favorite blogger right now. Her last piece blew me away and little strings of words from it have been running themselves around my brain and won’t leave me alone since I read it. Anyone else a fan?

4.  It took me until our 5 year anniversary to grow my post-wedding mistake of a hair chop back–but it’s back! I’m full circle back to my old do (this is even after a 2-3 inch trim!), and let’s be honest, I’m probably going to have this same haircut until the day I dieIMG_3789

5. That royals game we went to in August with lots of other med school families
IMG_3260 IMG_3264

6. This is drew chowing down asian cabbage salad by the handful without discrimination towards raw cabbage, peppers, spinach, or red onions, while camryn is telling me “mom, in nursery today they gave us square cheese crackers and I don’t like the square kind, I only like the fish kid.”


7.  That moment you’re pulling out winter clothes and find 2 adorable summer baby outfits you didn’t realize you had and it’s almost enough to make you wish summer would stick around for another month or two.  Almost. IMG_3730

Bonus adorable children photos since I happen to have some adorable children on hand.

IMG_3395 IMG_3386 IMG_3446_2 IMG_3877 IMG_3852 IMG_3663 IMG_3654_2 IMG_3624 IMG_3605_2 IMG_3604 IMG_3601love that morning zombie gaze. . .

Drew has always been a really really happy chill guy, but has recently taken a turn for the grumpier. I hope it’s a phase, but he also starting sleeping 11 hours through the night without exception since mid August, so I’m thrilled about that!

These 7 quick takes brought to you by writers block.

The End.


One thought on “7 Quick Takes

  1. Lauren McMullan says:

    I love Meg Conley, and that article too. Sometimes I wonder if this is the price we have had to pay by no longer living by our families as much, and generally giving up on extended family culture (not just mom; aunts, grandmas, cousins). Not all women have that, but if we had not given up on it (whenever, however that has happened, I know there are a multiplicity of factors) maybe all of us would be better at BEING cousins, sisters, aunts to every woman in our life. Our sense of responsibility for each other would be inextricably tied to the skills we had already developed being tied to the women in our family, rather than just feeling like a bunch of female strangers trying to make connections based on shared life experience or digital space.

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