Things that are not new babies

First of all, thank you all so much for all your love and comments (mostly Facebook in case you click back and are confused) on my last blog post! I’m glad so many could relate. It really means a lot and I love hearing your feedback so much–THANK YOU–you are all too kind.

All I want to do is blog about my new baby. And hold my new baby, and feed him and love him and take naps with him while my mom cooks for me and takes care of my toddler. But . . I don’t have a new baby. So, Whatever. What-EVER baby Drew (he has a name! It’s Drew) just stay in there and I’ll sit here and be confused about why you’re not here yet and blog about lesser things. I’ve decided I reeeeally hate that doctors give “due dates” because what does that even mean?? Spontaneous healthy labor can occur 2+ weeks on either side of that day! the chance that you will actually have your baby on that day is only 3.9%  People, the standard deviation is seven days! So I think giving women a ‘due date’ sets a really awful false time table in her mind that may just drive her to insanity once that day passes. That day that is not a “for sure your baby will come this day definite deadline” but actually a “your baby will mostly likely come around this day but no one knows for sure when.”

I’M TWO DAYS LATE!!! And guys, I’m handling it. Handling it just fine. And clearly not sitting around on google trying to get a statistically accurate picture of when this little man will make his appearance. The thing is not that I am 2 days late, it’s that Camryn was 7 days early, so according to my subconscious emotional expectations I’m actually 9 days late. And my googling has only increased my awareness that 2 actual days late could easily turn into 14+ days late and that just might happen and that can’t happen. But I’m fine. Just fine. Moving on.

Alice in Wonderland was completely lovely. (remember when I was worried about the baby coming 2 weeks early? HA!) I am sooo glad we went and would highly recommend to all my Kansas City friends to go see a ballet! The Nutcracker is awesome, but Tanner and I have both seen it so many times that it was so fun and refreshing to see something new. It was really just a FUN performance and my favorite part was being surprised by all the great costumes and creative props they used for special effects. Like the big colorful doors (adults) that traded places with the little colorful doors (tiny 5 yr olds) for Alice growing and shrinking, and Alice falling down the rabbit hole (she was suspended on cables with a backdrop falling behind her and then a dummy was switched out and violently spun around and around). The card tutus, the fun dancing at the Mad Hatters tea party, the cute little hedgehogs rolling around at the crochet game, the Caterpillar who moved like liquid and I don’t think even touched the ground her entire dance and was just held up and moved by other dancers. Alice was fantastic, looked amazing and was the best part. It was just really fun and I’m so glad I have a man that appreciates the arts and will not just tolerate but enjoy a ballet with me!

The lady who I asked to take our picture (in the beautiful Kauffman Center) couldn’t help herself from telling us that her daughter was performing Alice that day (who was asian–i don’t know how they made her look so not-asian) I asked her how old she was–21. Which is one of those moments like when you’re watching the olympics that you feel really unaccomplished for a 25 year old.



here’s a really bad photo of the posters they handed outCAM01781


The next week I took Camryn to this really adorable community Halloween party at Macken Park. It was wizard of Oz themed and free and I cannot say enough times how grateful I am that there are a bazillion things like this around here to take my child to.  She painted a pumpkin with minimal enthusiasm,CAM01726played games, collected candy, and received a balloon with medium enthusiasm, IMG_20141025_154949CAM01728 and then–jumped in a Candyland bounce house for close to 2 hours with all the enthusiam you could ever hope to elicit from a 2 year old. Just pure JOY emanating from all over that little girl. It was 85 degrees and I parked it in the shade manning her possessions and wishing I’d brought a book. And water. And snacks.


After that I managed to get her to put another coat of paint on that pumpkin and proudly got a solid 10 minutes of her actually enjoying a form of artistic expression (she usually looses interest after about 10 seconds)CAM01742 On Halloween we took her trick or treating at Riverside, some townhouses where a ton of the med school couples live. We met up with a lot of our friends and their kids and had a blast. Camryn totally loved it. IMG_20141101_084102how cute is she?  Totally clueless to the fact that she’s about to loose her single child status and have to share all my love and attentionCAM01743You know what I decided?  November is not half bad. November actually got off to a really fantastic start and has me wondering why October gets all the glory? Turns out the midwest hits its fall prime about 2 weeks after Utah, so we are still in full swing fall here. The first day we spent raking up the thick layer of leaves on our front lawn. They are exactly the right kind of leaves for jumping too–huge, dry, fluffy, crunchy. That was one quality pile. And all the days after that we have gone on perfect walks and the air is finally crisp and cold. The day we walked a mile or so to this park near our house–oh I was so in love with November that day. It was overcast and moody, windy without being too cold, and all the leaves were just raining and swirling down all around the place. It was magical. November guys, November.
CAM01746 CAM01755

CAM01778 CAM01779 And somewhere in the midst of all that, we spent 7 long baseball games (and many more before that) riveted to our television watching the Kansas City Royals in the world series. They lost game 7, but it was fun while it lasted!  CAM01759 This is one of the many fountains in the city that was dyed blue for over a month. This one is really close to our house, we pass it all the time and finally went for a nice walk around it one day.  CAM01762


My mom flies in tomorrow! And as much fun as it would be hitting up every paper store, knitting shop, and botanical garden I can find with her, I’d rather be caring for a newborn thank you very much. Send me prayers and good vibes and all that pretty please!