Capitol Reef National Park & Camping with the Bramhalls

I know it took me like 6 blog posts to recap our summer trip to Utah, but we packed in a lot during those 3 weeks, and I couldn’t leave out our camping trips! It took an insane amount of planning and packing on our part, but I think it turned out to be worth it. I want my kids to have fond memories of hiking, camping, and National Parks like I did and they’re not going to get that in Missouri, so we’ve got to get it while we can!

I honestly can’t remember a ton of details from this trip. . . I do recall Drew (+parents) having one of the worst nights of his life, the weather being perfect, and my family repeatedly applauding the food (tin foil steak dinners, pork skewers, peach cobbler, dutch oven breakfast, no wonder it was so much work!)

My dad took some great photos & they are interspersed with my iphoto ones, sorry

Capitol Reef National Park is seriously underrated. I’d say it’s the least popular and lowest attended national park in Utah, but that’s only because it’s in the absolute middle of nowhere and not really on your way to anything, but it’s beautiful. The Fruita campground is this oasis in the middle of red rock dessert. You are literally camping in a fruit orchard with red rock cliffs right next to you and deer wandering around, it’s about as idyllic as it gets. We were there mid July and it was still perfect weather.

IMG_2949 IMG_2952

The Grand Wash20821834712_c9031ab5d0_k IMG_2973 20208816944_cf1c9ad0c2_k 20643540370_5977d88cef_k 20643551130_85ed16f465_k Capitol Reef 2015 20838735471_eb6432d2f6_k 20210748603_76d9f59713_k 20831924215_4fe29ce721_k 20209505204_3665f646f7_k 20645482939_068e2927f7_k 20644245838_3e5ec679ee_kIMG_2980 IMG_3009

Tanner took Camryn to the nature center to become a Jr. Ranger. Cutest thing ever. She had to learn about the park, the geology & plants, the wildlife, not to litter, etc and they gave her a badge and stickers.

IMG_1605 IMG_1611 IMG_1601

We left Drew with a very pregnant Kelsey to hike Cohab Canyon which was literally 50 ft outside our campsiteIMG_3011 IMG_3014 20646445749_0c70636581_k  20806909136_94c8b6d9d1_k 20208213984_62b81975e4_k20208245944_9a244fa624_k

don’t know what Ryan’s deal is. . .20646457879_60ca85a8c6_k 20212249293_97d2242377_k 20823765682_e448fd5193_k IMG_3024

And then later in the day we hiked to Hickman’s Bridge even though we knew a storm was impendingIMG_3028 IMG_3031 IMG_3034 20833376415_3d37aeca53_k 20645352380_481c3c9165_k

And we totally got dumped on on the way back!  It was fantastic. You can’t tell in this picture how hard it was pouring, but all these little waterfalls started streaming off the rocks


and. . . Camryn got pretty grumpy and cold by the end.  Can’t blame her. IMG_3043


We had to pack up his pack n’ play so I took him out and laid him on the ground and he stayed zonked out 🙂IMG_3106

The next weekend we camped up near Ogden for just a night and my sister’s family the Rawson’s joined us this time

IMG_3064 IMG_3067

All the kids were throwing rocks here, and my 5 year old nephew Ethan kept throwing big ones too close to my dad and splashing him. My dad told him over and over to stop and the kid wouldn’t listen. My dad finally said “Ethan, you do that one more time and I’m throwing you in the lake.” Well, THUNK, another huge rock splashed him and my dad grabs Ethan by one arm and one leg and totally dunks him in the water. Ethan was shocked silent, and we were all stunned hoping he was okay–all except Tanner who was laughing his head off.


Poor kid, next time listen to your grandpa!IMG_3070 IMG_3077 IMG_3080

Camryn was in cousin heaven and was joined at the hip to Ty the whole timeIMG_3082

Morning family selfie.  I wish Camryn had made it in, but. . .IMG_3113

she’s not much of a morning person sometimesIMG_3087IMG_3114

So glad my kids got to spend some quality time in the mountains with their Opa!IMG_3115

2 thoughts on “Capitol Reef National Park & Camping with the Bramhalls

  1. Christie says:

    I was Grinning ear to ear reading this post. These photos are beautiful. Love that little family of yours. I miss utah, and mountains, and you. I miss lots of other things too but we’ll just leave it at that. PS that photo of Camryn in the morning? Hilarious.

  2. Alison says:

    Those pics make me so happy and so sad! Sad that we missed out on all the fun! Part of me is super duper sad that we have decided not to live in Utah. Oh, all these conflicting feelings. So many good pics. Love the one of Drew smiling in his cute little hooded jacket. He’s a charmer.

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