Summer I love you

Suuuuuuuummmmer.  Summer summer summer. I LOVE summer. Summer was amazing. Many other med school families told us to enjoy having an actually summer break because after 1st and 2nd years, “summer break” as we know it will cease to exist. As will Christmas break and all holidays in general for that matter, but anyways–we did. We enjoyed the hell out of it. We completely and utterly exhausted ourselves with fun.

We had 5 weeks total–a week here in Kansas City, 3 weeks in Utah (our first time back since moving last summer), and then another week back home in KC to recuperate, relax, not unpack 10 luggages, and gear back up for the new school year.

We camped, hiked, swam, boated, beached, napped, and dated. We literally went on twice as many dates during our stay in Utah as we had during the entire school year before it. Gotta take advantage of the abundance of free babysitters while we can! We’d put the kids to bed most nights, hand our parents the baby monitor, and then go to a movie. Because the Kaysville theater is the greatest and only $2! We really miss having a dollar theater around. And, you know, our parents, we miss them too 😉 We saw Woman in Gold, Age of Adaline, Inside Out, & one night my sister let us borrow her truck and we took it to the drive in to see Jurassic Park. I loved them all and loved spending so much time with Tanner, and just doing a normal thing like going to a movie without it being this whole scheduling circus of figuring out a night Tanner can actually go and arranging a babysitter, and arranging when I can go babysit for whoever is babysitting for me, (to avoid, heaven forbid, actually paying a babysitter) and having a movie night out be an ultra special occasion. In hindsight, that’s what July was for me–the immense relief and joy of having certain things be a matter of course instead of a rare luxury–working out and going to yoga classes without having to arrange ahead of time, going out with friends, conversations with Tanner without a time limit, sleeping in half the mornings, having a second parent around and the whole sub-list that comes with that! Oh, and being outside at night. I hadn’t really realized that I am almost never ever ever outside past like 6 p.m. because that’s when I feed my kids dinner and put them to bed and it was just so so glorious to be outside every night.

I’m holding on to pictures of a couple of the trips we took with our families to post later, but here’s everything else we did!

Gladstone Community Pool

It’s kind of a new thing that you can evaluate Tanner stress level by the length of his facial hair.  This is a couple days after finals when he hadn’t quite recovered yet.   IMG_2685 IMG_2690

We went to this place and watched this rad marble making demonstration, and I think Tanner was so tired he wanted to die but I thought it was sooooo cool, and made us stay for another. IMG_2727IMG_1504

Tanner took Camryn to Chuckie Cheese on a daddy daughter date and I’m pretty sure she had the best day of her lifeIMG_2709 IMG_2712  IMG_2716 IMG_2719

Barbeque with some other 1st year (now 2nd year!) med school families. You know you’re in med school when all the guys are over-grilling the meat and discussing the various diseases we’d all get if it’s not thouroughly cooked. IMG_2728

Raspberry picking with the Johnsons and HanchettsIMG_2737

4th of July fireworks at Davis HighIMG_2750

Pace’s! Cherry rainbows forever and ever IMG_1513

Date night to antelope island. Tanner just walked in and came up behind me and said “oh my gosh look how happy we were, that seems so far away! It’s over, it’s all over!” #medschool.  It seriously was one of my favorite dates we’ve ever been on. Why have I never been to antelope island?? This is 15 minutes from the house I’ve lived in my whole life and I really don’t think I’ve ever set foot on it.  It was gorgeous, we “hiked” a mile up to this spot and watched the best sunset ever. Antelope island has one of the largest remaining populations of bison left in North America, and even though we were on the other side and didn’t see a single one, I had buffalo nightmares the entire night long. Did you people know I am terrified of animals? I’m learning this as an adult. Like, what is scarier than a real live giant mean ugly buffalo for reals??IMG_1637 IMG_1642 IMG_1635  Camryn is super into UNO these days and begged anyone and everyone all day long to play it with her.  My parents took the brunt of it, but here is Maddy serving her time.   IMG_2754

We blessed Drew 🙂 It was most of our families first time meeting him. This picture makes me so happy, look at all these amazing men in my sons life! Especially his awesome dad. Ryan and Zach we missed you!IMG_2757 IMG_2788 IMG_2767IMG_2778

ok really though, the following 2 pictures: Bramhall hair (that’s my little sister Maddy)+ Villavicencio hair (I don’t have a picture of my sister in law, but these are her daughters Jazzlyne and Kassandra) and my brothers babies are going to have amazing hair!!

IMG_2772 IMG_3055

game night @ the RawsonsIMG_3061

El burrito with my parentsIMG_3091 IMG_3093

A big highlight of the trip for me was dinner with these lovely just really really really awesome bff’s of mine. Oh guys I miss you.IMG_2912

they’re funny and fun and make me happyIMG_2924

holla to Taeler and Kelsey who I also loved hanging out with and didn’t get pictures with which I’m annoyed at myself for! And I’m really sad I didn’t get to see more of you, especially my Provo friends, so next time!

Drive-inIMG_2933 IMG_2909 IMG_2906

My dad is really into biking and Tanner is really into France so they watch the Tour de France together. Also, Tanner got my mom totally hooked on HGTV.IMG_2897

Kaysville splash padIMG_2901 IMG_2900

Raiding the parentals garden.  All the raspberries I could eat!IMG_2805

Croquet with the Staples. Tanner and I killed it.  I mean, it’s croquet, so I don’t actually care. . . but we won.  For the record. IMG_3121

This beautiful lady on the left is Kelsey (my little brother’s wife) and she’s having a baby next month, so we threw her a shower. I’m really sad I won’t be there to meet the little guy when he’s still brand new and tiny! You only get so many opportunities in life to hold a new new baby.

The beautiful lady on the right works at H & M and has this awesome new habit of cleaning out her closet into my suitcase because she’s a sucker for her employee discount and has way too many clothes. It’s really working out for me.

The lady in the middle is my mom, she’s beautiful too!IMG_3321 IMG_3320_2

Camryn was super proud and insistent that she pull her own luggage all around the airport.  We had a 5:15 flight. oh the things to do to save $$.IMG_3140

This is the only picture we have from the entire last week of vacation because all we did was lay around and binge watch the Mindy Project.IMG_1725

Bye Summer, it’s been real.

One thought on “Summer I love you

  1. Christie says:

    Well this post just makes me so happy! I’m so glad you guys were able to have such an awesome summer and really spend some good quality time together. I LOVE that pic of you and tanner on antelope island. What a treasure. Too bad date nights are such a rarity! Oh, and if you are as good at croquet as you claim to be, West Palm hosts the National Croquet Headquarters. Just sayin’…

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