Well hi

I’m just poking my head in to break my dry blogging spell over here! I’ll probably post about our lovely awesome soul rejuvenating month long summer break later (count on it, I’m like, 90% committed) but that’s a behemoth post the likes of which has been known to stop bloggers in their tracks for months, and I don’t believe in catch-ups. Tanner started school on Monday and it was really really sad to see him go after getting to spend pretty much every second with him for all of July. It was so great though and I feel like all the areas where I felt so depleted are all filled back up to the brim again. Life is good. Most of the break was go go go (we had things to do and people to see!) and now I’m mostly sticking around home which typically makes me crazy and lonely and bored, but is what I totally need right now. (And what my house needs too because oh man I did the absolute bare minimum of housework during our break and the place looks it!) After being gone so long (we were in Utah for 3 1/2 weeks) it’s always nice that old boring routine things are new again and my wanderlust has been satisfied. Days spent cleaning, reading stories, bathing children and making dinner are totally doing it for me for now, and it’s been really awesome to get back to bookbinding–I totally missed it ! I forced myself to take the entire month off even though I was tempted to work even more than normal since I had tanner around to watch the kids. I needed and he needed that not to happen though and I’m glad I took it off. 2nd year is apparently one big bad beast. That’s because they take step 1 boards (big scary tests) at the end of it which play a large role in determining where you get a residency and what kind of doctor you’ll get to be for the rest of your life, no biggie. Tanner was accepted to be an anatomy TA and tutor which we are really excited about but adds to his stress and hours. He’s pretty dead set these days on vascular surgery which is hard to get into and wants to do everything he can to make sure he’s able to get the residency he wants, so don’t feel bad if you don’t hear from him much this year! (Says his wife to herself)  

 Playing letters bingo this morning because this girl starts preschool next month! I read to her a ton but I’ve been pretty terrible about teaching her letters and sounds (probably because she usually yells at me to stop trying to make her learn -true story- THREE oh three you are. . . a challenge) but I bribed her with a game and ok candy, I bribed her with candy and that is always astoundingly effective 

This pretty much speaks volumes about drew’s life, poor guy. He’s such a good sport.

  And no matter what she does he thinks she’s the funniest person alive. No one can make him laugh like Camryn, even when she’s, like, spraying water in his eyes. 

Later you lovely people you

5 thoughts on “Well hi

  1. Alison says:

    Ya, you need to be 100% committed, not 90, to blogging about your trip! We just got back from a week in Breckenridge and apparently it wasn’t long enough because I’m already bored to tears and 100% depressed about the weather and not one bit excited about being back to the normal routine. So I’m glad that’s working for you!

    • How about I’ll blog my vacation if you blog yours! I want to hear all about Breckinridge! I mean, I could/should probably just call you but I’m trying to promote social media behaviors in my siblings

      • Alison says:

        I will steal your quote…”ain’t nobody got time for that!” I haven’t done a blog post in like a year. I might have subconsciously given up on blogging. But maybe. Maybe.

  2. Christie says:

    Welcome back! My blog feed has missed you! And now since I can’t see you IRL you better stay on top of this ol blog for me. That letter bingo game is totally cute and I’m totally stealing that idea. And maybe I’ll steal drew while I’m at it. Such a cutie.

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