Miss Camryn

Camryn Camryn Camryn. Oh my little three year old is just kind of killing me right now. You know I love this girl to pieces, but she’s making it as difficult as she can to like her lately. She’s just pushing all of my buttons–repeatedly and systematically. Here’s just a sampling of her recent behaviors.

Running around in the backyard naked. I let her play back there with Bear a lot and literally watch her through the window, or check on her every few minutes. Well, she was playing with water, got her clothes wet, and the next time I looked, she’d ditched them altogether. I hope the employees at the chiropractor’s office behind our house enjoyed the free show. It was slightly amused until I realized that not only was she free roaming her happy little self around the yard, she also had thought it would be fun to poop–like bear–in the grass.


Then when I left her alone with Drew for two minutes, noticed things had gotten a little quiet, and. . .


I had to duck into the bedroom to show Tanner/hide our laughter so she wouldn’t think we were happy about it. Drew hadn’t made a peep, just lay there and took it–he’s really going to have to learn to defend himself if things keep going the way they are.


The next morning I woke up to find her on the couch helping herself to a pack of oreos for breakfast. I had no idea how many she’d already eaten, but Tanner saw the pack later and estimated more than half a sleeve.

Same thing happened with the toothpaste.

Then during her quiet time, I discovered she’d coerced Bear into her room with her, and I found them both in Drew’s crib (sans Drew, don’t worry) with Camryn holding on tight to both of Bear’s back legs and dancing around with her. I don’t even want to think about how she even got the dog into the crib in the first place, and unfortunately this is only one example in a long list of bear torturing episodes.

This times 10

And, I kid you not, all of that happened within a 48 hour window.

I feel like she’s reverted back to the early toddler stage of being into everything. Every time I turn around she’s pouring out her milk onto the dog, dumping out her container of 500 tiny elastics, dropping the UNO cards down the crack between our bed and the wall, stabbing our hardwood with a fork, rubbing her 5 minute old pigtails with a couch cushion, deliberately flooding the bathroom floor during her bath, refusing to let me unbuckle her carseat. I’ve about had it.

This girl needs a long vacation with plenty of cousins to play with!!

Terrorism can be tiring.

To end on a good note, she’s also the most adorable kiddo, with the best curls on the planet that love this humidity, and tells anyone who will listen all about her “fancy” shoes.

And she always smiles and tells me she’s sorry and that I’m the best mom. It’s cute/borderline manipulative. IMG_2083

Camryn, you are officially under the mothers curse. I hope that you have children just. like. you. IMG_2085


6 thoughts on “Miss Camryn

  1. Christie says:

    Ok first off, loved your photo dump of Drew. I will need more of those once I move.

    Secondly, your Camryn post was hilarious. The struggle is real. Pooping in the yard? I’m so happy you posted this online so she can die as embarrassment as her punishment when she is a teenager.

    Glad I got to see you last week! Let’s do it again this week.

  2. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAM! Oh my heavens. I am dying laughing. She is a CASE!! Bless you, you sweet momma. I’m so grateful Drew is a sweet guy for you! I love that he is completely a boy version of Camryn (looks anyway ;)) I’m afraid my guy is more on the Camryn spectrum.

    • Well Steph sometimes when they give you a hard time as babies it means they will be angel toddlers, hopefully that’s the case for you! Or you’re going to have a heck of a time time when yours are Both 3 at the same time!

  3. Alison says:

    Dana, you’re scaring me. I just keep thinking “Alison, hang in there one more year and your children will stop eating mud…and doing 1000 other crazy-annoying things” But it sounds like a very real possibility it could take much longer than that. But at least you have her cuteness!

    • Sorry just telling it like it is! I think I need to start putting warnings for some people at the beginings of posts, I think I’m scaring a lot of people with 2nd children on the way. . .

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