green thumbs up in here

They built me a garden for Mother’s Day! <insert one million heart eye emojis here>   Tanner just happens to be the master gifter. Which is actually really sad because I am terrible at giving gifts, and even though it’s not a competition–if it were, I’d be losing. Big big big time. Tanner is always creative and surprises me with something I didn’t ask for, and didn’t even know I wanted, but always totally love. It’s great.

So, Mother’s Day weekend, I came home one day to find his car parked on our lawn with the back of it full of bags of soil and 2X4’s. I’d had plans to find some corner of the lawn and plant a couple tomato plants & maybe a zucchini, but now I have 2 raised garden beds full of corn, strawberries, snap peas, green beans, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, spinach, lettuce, and green peppers!

As if that wasn’t enough, he also planted 3 blueberry bushes, and two PEACH TREES.  I have peach trees! And two trellis things for rows of raspberries that we’ll plant this weekend. Also, a couple of months ago, we got 5 blackberry starters from a neighbor and planted them all along one fence. She told us, the first year you might get a few berries, the second year you’ll get a bunch, and the third year, you’ll have so many you wont know what to do with them all. Yes please! Oh and then he also came home with a cantaloupe plant and a watermelon plant. We might have gone a tiny bit overboard. . . now that I’m writing it all down it sounds like kind of a lot.

We have little sprouts popping up all over the vegetable beds, and all the other plants are doing great. I’m so excited to start eating fresh fruits and veggies out of our garden! Now we just wait and pray that all the Missouri creatures and critters don’t eat everything we planted. Speaking of which, we were starting to wonder when the cicadas show up since we haven’t heard any yet and last year, it was seriously the worst part about Kansas City–the deafening roar of cicadas all night every night. Well, Tanner looked it up and apparently this year, a special once-every-17-years variety of particularly onerous and plentiful cicadas are going to be serenading us soon. Any day now. Hooray.

On a vaguely yard related note, the house next door to us has been empty since we moved in and has been up for sale the last month or so. Part of me was really excited for neighbors and hoping for some little kids for mine to play with, but part of me was dreading some weirdo who mowed their lawn in the early mornings, or wanted to chat for hours every time we walk outside–we’ve had a lot of backyard privacy and a chatty Kathy could really kill that for us ya know? But the house sold to this really nice single mom with two little kids ages 6 and 1 1/2, and she seems very normal. Score!


IMG_1682 IMG_1684


5 thoughts on “green thumbs up in here

  1. Christie says:

    I thought it was crazy to buy a house during med school, but you’ve got me convinced it was crazy not to! How awesome.

    And yes, I heard about those 17 year old bugs. Did you know their eggs have been simmering underground this whole time? It’s just they are finally surfacing 17 years later?! It’s like a creepy zombie bugpocalypse! Gotta love good old KC!

    • Cicadas freak me out. And guess what Christie I pulled a TICK off of my neck yesterday in the shower. After hiking at smith like lake. Worst thing ever. Something tells me after this summer I may not love kc so much as I have so far.

  2. Josie says:

    I know people that have lived through the 17 yr cicadas. It’s supposed to be pretty nasty because they all come up and then all die at the same time — dead cicadas everywhere.

    On a positive note that garden is epic! What an awesome present.

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