It’s spring break, it’s spring break, it’s spring break!!! We are having just the best time that could be possibly had over here. Naps are happening, much junk food is being consumed, I’m reading an actual real life book, we even took what I’m going to call our first legit family vacation–because it wasn’t to a National Park, and it wasn’t with our families. It was a riot I tell you. More on that later, but for now what I have for you is just a shameless photo dump for my family on recent Staples happenings!

One day she randomly found the tennis rackets and insisted we bring them to the park even though her hand eye coordination needs to make a few leaps and bounds before that makes any sense at all. IMG_0483 Adorable wrap from a friends etsy shop HEREIMG_0485

Drew is growing up wwaaaaay faster than Camryn did, and who ever knew that I would be such a baby person? Newborn babies in particular. The newer the better. Like day one is the absolute pinnacle of motherhood if you ask me–all those wrinkles. Gahh! I mean, chub is great, but WRINKLES?? come on. Drew is all chubbed out and don’t get me wrong, I still love the kid, but I pretty much die and stare and get really obnoxious and baby hungry every time I see a newborn. Which is ridiculous, I know, since I have a 6 month old. But don’t worry, last time around, toddlerdom proved an excellent cure for baby hunger.


Camryn loves cleaning the floors with me.  “MOM. I’ll be your sprayer and you be my mopper.”   (That’s not windex, it’s hardwood floor cleaner, just in case you were worried)IMG_1141 IMG_0548

He’s totally a perfect baby.  IMG_0565 IMG_0590 IMG_0632 IMG_0607 IMG_0649

One of like 3 times this entire winter that we went outside.  IMG_0655 IMG_0674 IMG_0685

Bear just soaking in the sunshine. She’s probably been in this family long enough to deserve a blog post, right? For now, let’s just say I don’t hate having a dog, but I also don’t absolutely adore her. We’re on pretty neutral terms she and I. IMG_0714 IMG_0737 IMG_0768

So, he’s hard pressed to smile if you haven’t noticed, but this is one of my favorite pictures of Drew.  Daddy earned a big smile.IMG_0878 IMG_0952 IMG_0957 IMG_0970 IMG_1047

oh and the mirror makes him smile.  He loves looking in the mirror. IMG_1074

If anyone had told me how much I was going to love Kansas City, I wouldn’t have believed them, but it’s pretty much a poor stay at home mom’s dream–there is soooo much free crap to do around here with kids.  Exhibit A–the gymnastics gym.

IMG_0795 IMG_0797 IMG_0779

Visiting the Federal Reserve with dad on a day off. IMG_0832

and the Crown Center IMG_0835

and Fritz’s train restaurantIMG_0866

and Kaleidescope with GrammyIMG_1041 IMG_1046

the Wonderscope MuseumIMG_1092 IMG_1101 IMG_1102 IMG_1120 IMG_1125Whenever someone asks, “Do you think he looks like you or like Tanner?” I say “He looks like Camryn.” IMG_1160 IMG_1163

I thought the curls were on their way out, but on humid days, they’re back in full force!IMG_1173 IMG_1178 IMG_1236 IMG_1267

Easter egg hunt with our friend Isaac who could take a posing lesson from Camryn right?IMG_1151 IMG_1138 IMG_1142


5 monthsIMG_1198 IMG_1210 IMG_1277

A sweet neighbor cut these for us from her flower bed on our way home from a walk one day. I LOVE fresh flowers on my table!

IMG_1282 IMG_1294 IMG_1297 IMG_1302

went to the Kansas City Zoo with a bunch of med school wife friends. 4 out of 5 of us were nursing, which meant we’d pretty much stop at every animal for one of the babies to feed and it was a perfect, slow, and relaxing time. One of these girls had a one month old, and another had a 10 day old!! And they’re just at the zoo for 6 hours like it ain’t no thing. I was thoroughly impressed.  Maybe next time around, I’ll remember their examples and try to take my next one on at least a walk before their half birthday. (True story, we were taking a family walk the day Drew turned 4 months old and I realized it was his first one.  oops!)IMG_1314 IMG_1321 IMG_1328 IMG_1364 IMG_1361


And that’s a wrap.

P.s. for mom and dad— here’s a video of Camryn reading herself “King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub” and a really old one of Drew (but none of you have met him, so what’s the difference?)


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  1. Josie says:

    I think it would be fun to be stay at home moms together Dana! Your kids are adorable! My daughter will be 3 in October and we’re having a boy in July, and my husband is going back to school this fall (but in LA). I just think we could have good times!

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