My baby’s daddy

practicing his osteopathic skills on an adoring patient2015/01/img_0209.jpg2015/01/img_0208.jpgTanner’s birthday when all he wanted to do was play video games and all she wanted to do was watch.2015/01/img_0177.jpg2015/01/img_0175.jpgchristmas break croup2015/01/img_0017.jpg

is this not the most picture perfect snowman you’ve ever seen?

IMG_0653My girl and her dad, my gosh, they have got a good thing goin. Over Christmas break when camryn had croup, tanner pretty much took over her care entirely (so that I could take care of Drew and stay away from her so he didn’t get sick too!) Now they’ve got this full blown relationship and tanner volunteered to keep putting her to bed every night (and tanner isn’t really in the position to volunteer to do much of anything around here, so I was shocked and delighted) I snatched this video of their nightly songs, and… It’s the kind of thing that gives a mom those giant heart eyes and remember why she wanted babies with this guy in the first place.


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