and then there were four

I have this lovely, kind, generous friend named Christie who also happens to own one of those nice cameras, and though she claims she has no idea how to use it, she offered to come over and take some newborn photos for us. I accepted. Something I love about the amazing community of med school wives that I’ve lucked into is that I’ve noticed them all giving very simple but heartfelt gifts. We’re all poor and can almost never afford to go out and buy presents, so instead –a hand-embroidered towel, a handmade baby toy or blanket, a small bag of goodies to get you through labor & the hospital with an encouraging note, a lemon cupcake, a secondhand bassinet. A sweet friend made my daughter a set of felt cupcakes with mix and match frosting tops that she’s played with for hours. And there was that time Christie wrote a whole blog post about someone giving her a perfectly ripe avocado that almost made her cry 😉  I think it would be easy to blame lack of funds for not doing or giving nice things to others, but these ladies have inspired me to get creative instead. All of that to say, I consider these photos a gift of someone’s talent and I appreciate having them so much! (I realize having the nice camera makes her seem not-so-poor, but some of us used to be able to buy things before our 6 figure debt put an end to that nonsense.)

One more thought. One day I realized something. Try to picture your child as a newborn, or 6 months old, or 1 year. If you’re like me, you automatically think of a photo you have of them. I honestly think I wouldn’t be able to remember what camryn used to look like without pictures, isn’t that crazy?

So here is my sweet Drew. Immortalized so I’ll never forget!


2 thoughts on “and then there were four

  1. Christie says:

    Awwwww. Love this post. You are totally right! I only remember Isaacs stages through photos. So sad. So happy I could come take these for you guys! It kinda helps that Drew is basically a baby model. He was so good at looking into the camera! He is such a cutie pie.

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