Camryn turns 6, no wait 3

Camryn turned 3 last month. I can’t even believe I have a 3 year old.  And she sure is a joy! And sassy as heck and just the most difficult and best thing I’ve ever had in my life all at once. She was SO excited for this party. I asked her who she wanted to invite and she named off all her friends from our med school playgroup and ward preschool (all little kids + Becca and Jeff because for some reason she is obsessed with Becca and Jeff :))  We kept it really low key–balloons, streamers, cake, and an embarrassingly simple game– and I was really surprised how much work it still was! I don’t know how other parents pull off those fancy themed, color coordinated birthday parties. Kuddos to them. Maybe they don’t have a newborn in the house.  But I’m so glad we did it because it made this kiddo so happy and these pictures are some of my favorite of her. If you asked her how old she was turning she would tell you “Six.  And don’t eat all of my cake!” and then she would talk and talk and talk and talk about her party, before and after it happened.  Let me tell you, I can’t ever get this kid to stop talking.











Thanks for everyone who came and made it such a special day for her!  A couple people texted me in the morning to let me know they were sick and couldn’t make it, and I started sweating that we had hyped it all up for Camryn and no one was going to show up!

Here is one from that morning when she got to open a special birthday package from her Grammy and Papa.IMG_0325

And. . . the night before the party when I ran to the party store with Camryn for some party essentials, and oooooh my did I regret this errand so badly the second I stepped into that store. It was my first time bringing both kids anywhere alone so I was already I little stressed, and then the store turned out to be the worst assault to my sense of vision that I’ve ever experienced.  Stuff everywhere.  Tiny, colorful, shiny stuff, floor to ceiling in these narrow long isles. Camryn bee-lined it in every direction and just kept grabbing and begging for stuff.  Oof.  Will not ever make that mistake again.  I’m such a rookie parent sometimes.



And here we are at 1 a.m. the night before the party trying not to pass out from sheer exhaustion and blow up balloons at the same time.  IMG_0321

Happy Birthday Camryn, we sure do love you!


2 thoughts on “Camryn turns 6, no wait 3

  1. Holding isaac while he naps and I’m so bored. I was just thinking “hey, Dana promised some new posts” and here you are. Yay! This party was so cute. Camryn was so adorable. She is the cutest 6 year old I know!

  2. Kelsey says:

    You’re right, those are the best pics of her ever! 3 is magical. All her quotes from your last post killed me, love that little chick.

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