Tiny happenings

Probably you should just skip to the end where I jotted down some semi funny quotes. … This is sure to end up being an exceptionally low quality post as it is Saturday night and all I’m doing is nursing and enjoying a mugful of muddy buddies– other highlights of the night include my conversation with the target cashier: “what’s goin on?” “Oh, you know, just buying diapers in a Saturday night” “whooooa, slow down” and the approximate hour it took camryn to consume like 2 ounces of rice for dinner because everything must be done. So. So. Slowly. And she was doing an experiment to she if she could give her mother a stress ulcer. And then there was drew spitting up what surely amounted to liters. My babies spit up soooo much. Normal, right? Something tells me I’m probably supposed to cut something from my diet here and that it’s probably dairy, but people. Dairy. All the best foods are in the dairy category. And he’s not unhappy and he’s chunking up quite nicely, so for now I’m just going to call it a major inconvenience, keep doing way too much laundry, and not resort to any drastic, insane measures like cutting dairy for heavens sake.

I don’t have much to say (obviously mm hmm) but I wanted to break my blogging dry spell. I know blogging is going the way of all the earth, but I just love it. And I have this problem where far too many things are important to me, and even when something here has got to give, I can’t quite figure out what, because I could go on for days about how each and every thing I do is vital to my well being and I just can’t drop it. My etsy shop? Need that. Cleaning my house? Necessary. Cooking? In my house, we eat well. Feeding drew 10 times daily- can’t avoid it. And you know I don’t sacrifice sleep for anything. And camryn needs stuff. And I like my husband. I will say that I have given up on exercise entirely which isn’t like me, but I’ve been walking around like a zombie knowing that something has got to give here, and blogging is one of those things that probably should be first to go, but I like it so much. And blah blah blah priorities, blah blah balance, and here I am. I’ll try and still make the occasional appearance. And I’ll try to actually write and not photo dump ( after the next few posts which yup, are going to be photo dumps) . The purpose of my blog for me is to have a writing outlet, and I always try and keep it light on the photos, heavy on the writing, but there is also the new fact that my family is 1000 miles away and I want them to know my kids and remember that we all exist. Ps family–you are terrible at social media— pictures people come on!!! Are Emery
and Nolan even still alive? Does ruby know how to talk? Is Jett walking? Or did he skip that and go straight to making baskets and throwing touchdowns? I don’t even know. Follow my example ok? Okay.

I’ll stop now and share these quotes around our house that I’ve been writing down.

Tanner to me: “Did you put on some makeup today? Take pictures people, take some pictures!!!

Camryn at nap time: “It’s too haaaard. It’s too hard to go sleep. I can’t do it.”

Camryn: Mommy I’m a princess! (Twirling) are you a princess?
Dana: Yea camryn, you’re a princess, I’m a princess. . .
Camryn: Stops to think for a minute “No mom, you’re a king

Tanner and I sit down to cuddle on the couch one night and both of our shirts are decorated with many shiny star stickers —
Tanner: “I have more stickers than you. Camryn must love me more.”

Camryn: Mom mom mom, take a deep breath ( when I am exasperated trying to get her to go nap)

Camryn one day when she didn’t want to leave our playgroup/preschool: “but I didn’t get all my energy out !”

Camryn: “No, I don’t like oranges!”
Mom: “come on try it, I think you’ll like it.”
Camryn: “Mom, I’m not going to argue!” (she started saying that a lot and it stopped being funny reeeal fast)

Camryn every single day:”
“It’s a sunny day!” =it’s daytime
“It’s not a sunny day anymore” =it’s dark outside

And then, last but very very best of all, there was that one day that she looked up from her breakfast and said to me–

“Mom…you a good mom.”

Oh my heart. I took a picture so I’d remember that one.

And later that day “Dad, you’re my favorite dad in the whole war ( world)”



2 thoughts on “Tiny happenings

  1. Alison says:

    Since I didn’t see my kids’ names on the list I’m going to assume my posts on instagram are moderately satisfying you. Do you have an Evelyn on tanner ‘ s side or did you mean to say emery? Ya, prioritizing important things is pretty tricky when you feel like you’re already doing the bare minimum. I’m living that too. Call me soon. We need to talk about when/if you can come.

    • Awwwkward. Meant to say emery. See? That’s how little I know about Andrews family, I’ve only seen her like twice since she was born! Your posts are moderately satisfying . I mean you could definitely do better but at least I can tell them apart and know their names 😉

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