Fall fun X3

You know all those famous mom bloggers who spend their falls at idyllic apple orchards & berry picking patches, going on hayrides, and photographing their kids sitting on perfect hay barrels next to dried up corn holding their picked-it-myself-from-the-patch pumpkins? And you’re like “where do these women live and where do they find these places?” Well I think they live in the midwest. Because there are sooo many places like that around here. It’s kind of a joke really. I think I could go to one every single day in October and still not hit them all. I came as close to that this week as I think I can handle.  My kid fed goats at three different locations in the last 6 days which I think either means I’m doing something really right here, or I need to get a life.

This one is the Deana Rose Children’s Farm. We went for playgroup with some of the other med wives. It was completely charming in every way (and free! what?) I was really impressed and will definitely be back. CAM01603 CAM01606in a teepee
CAM01610 feeding the goatsCAM01619 1412701158771 this magical little kiddie gardenCAM01622 CAM01626Here we have Carolyn’s Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch. Petting zoos, playgrounds, hayrides–free. Amazing pumpkin donuts–not free, but so delicious.  1412803972255 CAM01638 CAM01641 CAM01640 CAM01644 CAM01646 CAM01658 CAM01669 This one is Faulkner’s Ranch. Our real estate company had a private party there one day and invited us to attend for . . . . what? free? ok.  ok I guess we’ll come. Beggars will beg and med school families will attend any and all free events they can find.

Dad came along this time and we just adore dad CAM01683 It took one whole week of begging, bribing and persuading to get her to put those overalls on. Tanner was the one who finally did the trick by telling her how cool it is to have so many pockets. CAM01686 CAM01687 She spent about 2 hours in this stupid bounce house (while we stood bored outside the bounce house wishing there was seating) and then we squeezed in a couple other activities in about 10 minutesIMG_0833 CAM01695 CAM01698 CAM01701 CAM01704 CAM01712 CAM01707 IMG_0848


And last of all, let it be known that the pumpkin donuts at Faulkners Ranch are superior to the (famous) donuts at Carolyn’s Country Cousins. Both were completely delicious and satisfying, but the votes were unanimous and Faulkners just straight up won.


2 thoughts on “Fall fun X3

  1. Alison Alleman says:

    Looks so fun! I wish we could come along! Our weather just started dipping below 90 around here (bah!) so we haven’t done like ANY fall things. I’m kind of craving it now. I’ll have to look around. Although, it’s still SUPER hard bringing little babies (well, big babies…okay, toddlers?) around to places like that. Can’t wait to meet baby boy Staples over cyberspace in a few weeks and then in person hopefully soon after that. Good luck!

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