baby showers

I’ve had the good fortune to fall into the hands of 2 really amazing groups of women. One is my ward, and the other are the med school wives (who I’ve heard referred to as the Med Wives Mormon Mom squad, which pretty much sums it up). I was thrown 2 different showers, and really, who throws a baby shower for someone they’ve only known for 3 months? Or even shows up to their shower with a gift? Only the kindest and most giving and thoughtful of people I think. I was blown away by everyone’s generosity. Thank you to everyone who helped plan or come to one of my showers! You really are the best and if I don’t get around to sending you a thank you card, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a thankful heart and the best of intentions.

(I only have photos from the med wives shower since Christie took them and sent them to me. Wish I’d remembered to take a photo at the other one too!)

unnamed unnamed yes this is pin the sperm on the egg, and those are bad photos of Tanner stolen off Facebook. When you’re husbands are never around, and you don’t have family for 1000 miles, you become good friends fast–good enough to know that this would amuse rather than offend meunnamed I just want to point out that in both of these photos, all of the women are stunningly photogenic and their children. . . aren’t.  unnamed That’s Christie on the far right, the mastermind of the whole affair.  THANK YOU~~!!unnamed unnamed


One thought on “baby showers

  1. Alison Alleman says:

    That IS super, super nice. I should be concerned about my own level of niceness, because I’m not near that nice. Glad you found so many awesome friends! I knew you would.

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