7 (long) quick takes

So maybe sometimes I write 7 quick takes and I probably should have just written 7 different blog posts instead.  Whatever.

1. Preparing for this baby kind of feels like I’m preparing for hibernation. That’s kind of the way I’m approaching it. I have every intention of holing up just as long as I did with Camryn and spending the winter in sweats, living in survival mode, and never leaving the house.  I think winter is the perfect time to have a baby because I think it would depress me staying in so much when the weather’s nice, but isn’t that what you want to do (or have to do) all winter anyway?  So right now, I’m overcompensating, and getting out in every single way I possibly can. We are hitting up every free or cheap family attraction within a 30 minute radius and playing tourist big time while I have the chance and while it’s relatively easy–Camryn’s a trooper and I know it’s going to be a lot harder with 2.  It’s very possible that I’ll have seen more of Kansas City in my first 4 months living here than I will in the next 4 years altogether. It’s a little bit exhausting, but mostly fun. I’m starting to get a little worried though that it will be a major life shock to Camryn to all of a sudden not be carted around everyday to every park, festival, and storytime in the city.

Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to as of late

Fireman day at the library.  She wasn’t too impressed.

CAM01629 CAM01631 CAM01632 Dodgetown & Antioch Park playgroup.  This is right before these two started stripping–so ready to swim in that fountain.CAM01504 Kauffman Memorial Gardens (followed by a couple hours at the Nelson Atkins Museum)CAM01490 CAM01482Plaza Arts Festival with the lovely Becca.

and a couple of dates with my love.  Our friends gave us last minute tickets to this Royals game (are we there for the baseball or the dip n dots?)IMG_0765and a late celebration of our anniversary (4! hurrah!) a lovely outdoor dinner.  I love this guy. Forever and ever and always.  CAM01511


2. Go Royals! In case you live under a rock (or don’t live in KC, or don’t care about baseball), the Kansas City Royals are in the playoffs and have won their first 6 games.  Pretty exciting stuff. Fountains all over the city are dyed bright blue, everyone is sporting Royals gear, and we are spending way too much time watching baseball (anybody else totally over all the beer, truck, and viagra commercials??) Bandwagon fans right here!

3. That one time I cooked an entire package of bacon for BLT’s and when I was cleaning and putting away the griddle, I forgot that the little catch drawer was totally full of grease and spilled it all over myself and the floor. One of the worst things I’ve ever had to clean up. Three washes later and the stain is out of my sweater, but it still smells like bacon.

4. I’ve been initiated into the Trader Joe’s club.  My friend Becca took the NCLEX this week (she passed! congrats nurse becca!) and wanted to take a drive out to her test site the day before to make sure she knew where she was going. It was kind of a ways and there was a Trader Joe’s nearby, so she decided to turn it into a field trip and bring me along.  She’d never been either and was like “I don’t know, people just love Trader Joe’s, it’s like a thing.”  So, I posted on Facebook asking for suggestions of what people like to buy there, and it quickly became my most active status of all time, because apparently–people just love Trader Joes.  It’s like a thing. I’m way behind on the times I guess, and people are really passionate about this place and it’s organic, novelty, chocolate covered items. It did not disappoint, and my favorite item so far has been the hummus. Oh, hummus, where have you been all my life (really though, I didn’t know what hummus was until about a year ago)

so many cheeses that we’ve never heard of, so little money. . .


5.  I splurged on tickets to the Kansas City Ballet and I’m sooooo stoked about it! They are supposed to be one of the top performing ballet companies in the country and a Kansas City must-see. Tanner and I are pretty over the Nutcracker though, and when I saw an advertisement for them performing Alice in Wonderland, I was sold. It’s on Saturday, and if my baby decides to come 2 weeks early and makes us miss it I may just never forgive him.

6. Camryn is fighting her nap and I am fighting back HARD. My policy is that my children must nap until they enter full day Kindergarten. And there is no wiggle room there, and I absolutely will not survive if she stops sleeping for 2 hours of the day. At this point that’s happening from 4-6 and. . . if you were a mom that wasn’t me you’d probably just start skipping that nap and putting her to bed early but no. No thank you. And if you politely suggest that I do “quiet time” instead, I will politely tell you that my children nap until they are 5 and that is the rule.

7.  I got pretty used to telling people I was feeling great all throughout my pregnancy when they’d ask how I was. And now it’s more like hip pain! pelvic pain! sciatic pain! oh my! I’m just a big ball of body parts that hurt. But I can’t complain–I’ve had it so much easier than most– and call me crazy but I really do love being pregnant. I’m not quite so eager to get this baby out as last time and not quite as over it. Being pregnant is beautiful and amazing. I’m growing a life and I recognize the privilege that is.  Also–way more excited to give birth this time around. Giving birth is so cool! Maybe more on that later, but for now, I am due in 19 days (!) and I’ve got a Target list a mile long. And only one freezer meal frozen so far, so I really should get on that.




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