Wait what, summer’s over? Ya, but I uploaded all these summer photos like, months ago, and uploading the photos is 90% of the battle that is blogging, right? So, I can’t just let them sit uploaded but unblogged. Wasted effort and all that. Also, these pictures do me good in reminding me 1) that sometimes we go on vacation, even though it feels like way too infrequently 2) of my family (holla family! I miss you!)

My sister Alison and her Alleman crew came for a visit!  At this point I couldn’t even tell you what month it was, but I do remember how excited I was to see them!  Alison because she’s my sister, Zach because I hadn’t seen him in AGES (Alison used to visit often for business trips, but Zach only gets to come for like weddings and Christmas, and he is one high quality brother-in-law) Owen because he’s a cutie, and Alex because it was my first time meeting this new little nephew of mine! We got to see them all sealed in the temple and it was beautiful.  IMG_0325 He adores me, obviouslyIMG_0321some fathers day breakfastIMG_0335And that one time we had a reservation for 25 at the Red Iguana and ruined probably more than a few people’s nights. CAM010241402185113416the day we found out it’s a boy!IMG_20140618_152547this girl loooves our trips to the “pizza store”  CAM01030And then there was that really awesome vacation we took with Tanner’s family to Eden, UT.  Jana (my MIL) has some mean vacation planning SKILLZ (really, life planning skills in general, but planning a vacation for this many people is no small feat I’m sure) and they always rent a big house for us all to stay in and plan tons of great activities and it’s a blast.  This year was no exception.  We rented some off road vehicles (side by sides?) and got lost on them for hours and by some miracle/the grace of God, I wasn’t motion sick for any of it and it was a gorgeous ride.IMG_0316 IMG_0313 IMG_0301 Jet skiing on Pineview.  We LOVE jetskis, especially Tanner–definitely want to own some somedayIMG_0276 Boating with the Quists!  The boat broke down and we had to get towed for an hour and it didn’t even ruin my afternoon, not one little bitIMG_0266 And. . .  Hiking the Mt. Timp Caves had been on my Provo bucket list for 7 years, and I got it done without a week to spare.  I dragged my little sister, brother, sister in law, and cousin Mary along and it was so much fun!  One of the most beautiful hikes I’ve been on.  The caves though were slightly disappointing, mostly because we had the worst tour guide in the history of all tour guides. He’d ask a question like “where do you think this rock gets it’s amazing color?”  and then he’d tell a serious of corny jokes interspersed with rhetorical questions and then move on without actually telling you where the rock got it’s amazing color. It was really irritating.  But the hike–was gold.  IMG_0264 IMG_0261 IMG_0253 IMG_0237 IMG_0221 IMG_0213 IMG_0205 IMG_0203 IMG_0199 IMG_0197 CAM01005 And this is Stewart Falls.  Right?  Pretty sure that’s right.  Camryn loves to hike–one more reason for me to miss the mountains like crazy!!!IMG_0155 IMG_0147 IMG_0142 IMG_0136 This is a complete Walmart meltdownCAM00969 our fire pit that hasn’t gotten any use since the day we realized Missouri summers are not condusive to firepits (even though Camryn asks me on the daily “can we make a firepit?”) We’ll try again in October. . .IMG_0512 IMG_0511 IMG_0510 And last but not least. . . .the beard that was and then wasn’t.  It was going to be the year of the beard, and he was trying real hard and I was being real supportive, until HE decided that he didn’t like kissing ME with the beard (????) Riddle me that.  So it went.  And I never got an “after” picture because I never see him long enough to make him pose for me. I just laughed because he walked in and I looked up and he looks the same as this picture.  Shaving doesn’t really make his priority list these days.  Neither does showering for that matter.  But I still love him!IMG_0456


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