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The plan here is to start with a pregnancy update, a love note to my new car and then digress into a jumble of random bits of life around here that I’ve been meaning to blog.  Ready?

31 weeks, things are getting serious around here!CAM01375 CAM01376At my 30 week appointment, I was already heavier than the day I delivered Camryn.  And that’s with a lower starting weight (Lotoja, remember?) and waaay more exercise than my first pregnancy.  So, those of you considering/embarking on 2nd pregnancies, just know that’s a thing! Don’t know where the next 10 weeks will take my body, but one thing is for certain, my wardrobe is not prepared. Every time I deem an article of clothing UTAP–unwearable til after pregnancy–I add it to a pile on the bottom of my closet, and that pile’s getting BIG and another one of my regulars bit the dust today, so if you happen to see me on a regular basis, kindly pretend that I’m rotating more than 3 outfits ok? ok. Cold temperatures need to come and help me out here. I’ve got a few oversized sweaters just begging to save the day.

I’ve hit the huge and uncomfortable stage and my biggest/only problem is sleep.  It takes about 8 pillows to help me sleep comfortably and since we only have 5, Tanner is getting the short end of the deal. I should probably have invested in a body pillow or 5 a long time ago. I’m a sleep on my back or belly girl, and when that isn’t an option, I feel like my hips are on fire all night and also that I want to chop of my arms, because how do you sleep on your side with arms??  The heartburn beast is kicking in occasionally, but I would take endless months of these ailments over nauseous ANY FREAKING DAY so all I can say is that this pregnancy has been oh-so-good to me.

You know that awful glucose test they make you take?  With that disgusting drink, and if you fail you have to take it again but with 3 disgusting drinks over 3 hours? Well, I failed it.  And I was being really dramatic and obnoxious about not wanting to take the 3 hour test (my biggest issue is having to fast before.  Pregnant Dana does not fast.) and said jokingly to the nurse “are you sure? maybe you want to try again?”  She shrugged and said “i can if you want.  it won’t change anything though”  So she did.  And it did!  It did change.  A lot.  Enough to bump me well into the “pass” zone.  She was shocked and she and everyone else said they’ve never seen whatever levels drop so much so fast, and I have no idea what any of it means except that I didn’t have to take that dang 3 hour test, hallelujah.

Now, onward, meet my new friend:

CAM01399 I love our new car!  We weren’t planning on buying another one for a while and thought that we could just share out here until 3rd year and that until then, Tanner could take the bus or carpool or I could just drop him off on days that I needed the car. That plan lasted until about his 2nd day of school when it became very clear that my happiness and sanity depended on me being able to get out of the house. (The bus would take him an hour each way instead of 10 minutes, and he couldn’t find anyone to carpool with.) In Provo, it wasn’t too bad to be carless sometimes since I had so many friends and young moms on my street, and a park down the block. But here I’m more isolated, surrounded by old neighbors, and there are so many things to do around here that it would drive me crazy to stay home. So, here she is! It’s a Subaru Tribeca. And I love it.



Tanner had 2 tests on Friday and there’s another big one tomorrow (Monday) and all of us have seen way too little of each other and way too much of this box of bones.  CAM01424

Camryn and I though, we are buddies and we keep ourselves busy. We go to tons of play dates– movies, splash pads, parks, exhibits, farmers markets, festivals. Who knew Kansas City would have so much to do? There is a never ending stream of free stuff to do with kids and families around here and I don’t know how I’d survive otherwise! (Also, one night I invited over every first year I know, and many that I didn’t and had a house full of some quality ladies!  Sometimes you just need girls nights sans children.)

—->>>>long tangent<<<<—-

Saturday was LOTOJA and I spent all day reliving last years race in my head.  My dad was riding it and I had an app that gave me a real-time update of his progress.  I had all this weird anxiety remembering what I was going through this day last year! The anxiety, and the excitement, adrenaline, exhaustion, disappointment, and pride. It was the most beautiful weather yesterday and I was dying to be on a bike ride. Being hugely pregnant, that life of last summer seems soooo far away. It still stings to be reminded that I didn’t finish, but I was talking to a good friend once who said that she loved reading about my experience because it was so real and it seems that all you ever see on the internet are people’s shining successes and not the times when you work so so hard for something and it doesn’t turn out how you wanted. So that makes me feel better.

p.s. my dad finished!  the man is almost 60 and he rode his bike 206 miles yesterday–mad mad props dad.  It made me homesick for the first time wishing I could be there to cheer him on!  And some nice fresh Jackson air wouldn’t kill me either.

<<<<—- long tangent over —->>>>


Being camryn’s mom lately consists of a lot of. . .

  • reading Fancy Nancy. We have a 6 book compilation and have beaten that horse to death.  It’s really cute to hear her say “fancy nancy” though
  • fielding her constant requests that we make cake.  and star cookies.  and christmas cookies.  and cupcakes with sprinkles.
  • telling her to LEAVE. BEAR. ALONE.  The puppy thing is going great, but sometimes camryn won’t stop terrorizing the poor thing
  • making sure that everytime I let her eat junk, i use it as an opportunity to bribe her into something healthy first i.e. you get a chip for every piece of broccoli

For some reason she hates when Tanner sings and always yells at him to “Stop that!”  One night he started singing “you are my sunshine” and she screamed  “No I not! I NOT sunshine!” and I died laughing.

Pretty much every time I ask her if she need to go potty she says “No ganks. I fine. I good.”

Today when Tanner asked her “Are you excited for nursery today?  What are you going to do there?”  She said “I not hit Isaac, I not hit Sadie, I not hit Mitchell.  I be waaaay nice.”

Here we are at a country fair petting zoo thing with Isaac and mom (who is saving my life because she can’t stand to stay home all day either!)CAM01437 and at a farmers market stand where she is explaining very animatedly to Isaac all about green beans which she inexplicably started calling “sunshine bites” CAM01439 and. . . the first time in about a month that I’ve even attempted to actually “do” her hair and it didn’t go over well.  CAM01442

And there ends a disjointed blog post. I finally got around to taking pictures of our house (read: cleaning it enough to be photographable) so, coming soon:  home tour!




8 thoughts on “in other news

  1. Christie says:

    So I have a confession. Before you moved out here I totally blog stalked you hardcore. After reading your blog I decided you were funny, had hobbies, and we had a lot in common. I couldn’t wait for you to move out here so I could force you to become my friend. Q kept teasing me that I was building you up in my mind too much and I would be disappointed, but I have to say you are awesome and I’m so happy to have a new adventure buddy.

    • oh this made me laugh so much. I love that you did this and even more that you confessed. I know people do it, and I guess I just ask for it with a non-private blog right? It’s good to know I come off as cool though 🙂 and I also totally blog stalked you as soon as I got an invite!

  2. Camilia says:

    I love your blog, your cute pregnant self, & ALL of these details! Teach me how to write with my heart & soul like you do, oh & I miss ya! Yay for blogs.

  3. Thanks Camilia, writing compliments are preeeety much the absolute best day-makers for me! Just keep writing and writing and writing. The more you write, the better you’ll be at expressing your heart and soul! For me, the rustier I am, the more stiff and awkward things come out, but the more often I’m doing it, things just spill out sounding right.

  4. You and Loriel are the WORST people to be same-time-pregnant with–ya little skinny minis! Secrist kid #1 is kicking my butt, well, expanding my butt and kicking the crap out of my ribs. How amazing that we are growing these sweet little creatures! Camryn’s hair is killing me. Adorable. I’m so glad KC has so much to offer for you! Play dates? Splashpads? Friends?! How wonderful!
    Love the update! ❤

    • haha I MISS YOU STEPH!!! and you did not just stick me in the same category as that babe Loriel, no way! Don’t worry, you will be back in your skinny little yoga butt kicking body in no time. Isn’t pregnancy the coolest though? I hope you are having a great time in Florida and making tons of friends–I’ll love an update to hear how you’re doing!

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