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I have always been blessed with an abundance of completely amazing friends. When I left high school, as excited as I was to move on to college, I knew in my heart and was sure–the friends I have now are the best people on the entire planet and I will never have friends this amazing. I will never have friends that get me like this or laugh with me this often.  Well, most of them headed down to SUU or USU and I went all by my lonesome to BYU where I moved in with 3 girls from different states who I didn’t know. I was open to new friendships, but I knew–it will never be the same as with my high school friends.  But guess what, I was WRONG!  I felt like that for a while and missed my best friends like crazy, but then this thing happened where I made more best friends. My roommates and others became the ones I laughed with, stayed up late talking to, and spent all my time with.  The day we moved out of our freshman apartment, I burst into tears as I hugged them all (which shocked them all because I never cry).  Those people and many others I continued to meet throughout college became every bit as special to me as my old high school friends (who I still love to death and talk to often by the way)  That has proven to be a really important lesson to me in life.

Sophomore year I went to Guatemala for 2 months with a group of people I didn’t know, and they became a whole nother group of important people in my life.  And then there are the ones I met in English classes.  And from work, and our first married student ward, and our second married student ward (oh my heck i miss you guys a lot a lot a lot and I would start naming you, but I would forget some and feel bad, but you know who you are and I miss you!)  And every time I had to move on, or when everyone else was moving away or whatever it was, over and over I was left in circumstances where I didn’t really know anyone and had to make new friends.  Often it was just about when I was finally starting to feel strong connections with those around me.  Every time, I missed the comfort and ease of old friendships and a little part of me believed “ya, I’ll make new friends here, but not like {         }, {       }, and {      } (insert names of amazing friends from years past}  And every time I was wrong.

Frankly, I’m kind of tired of making new friends.  I’d really love to stick around here long enough to not have to be doing it all the time.  But I’ve learned the important lesson that most people are pretty amazing and can become your best friends if you give it enough time and love and energy.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misjudged someone.  Thinking right off the bat that they weren’t the type of person I wanted to hang out with a lot, or that they were boring, or obnoxious or that we have nothing in common.  But some of my dearest friends do not make awesome first impressions.  Some of them are weird 😉 or have social anxiety or depression, or bad days! Quite a few times, people I’ve thought were shy and boring started throwing out the most hilarious witty sarcastic comments that I never would have expected could come out of their mouths. And if I met myself for the first time, I would probably not be all that impressed either (though obviously once you get to know me, I’m everything anyone could want in a friend.  obviously.) Everyone has a story and a background, strengths and weaknesses, something really awesome to bring to your life.  Sometimes you just click with someone and it’s fantastic, but more often it just takes a whole lot of time, and usually the more I know about a person, the more I let them know about me, and the more I love them.

So, coming out here where I didn’t know a soul for 1000 miles, I knew–I will make amazing friends, because that is what happens to me. When I meet a stranger, I try to think of them as one as a Steph, or a Lyndi, or a Mandy that I just don’t know yet. I’ve met some pretty awesome women out here already.  A lot of them have really impressed me in a lot of different ways, and I’m excited to form the kind of friendships that are going to make me sad to move away.  Because as sad as it is to move away sometimes–I always want to be sad to move, because it means that there are people there that matter to me, and what would be sadder than moving away without people that matter to you to leave behind?

Now I’m getting borderline sappy, so on to the photos!  Before I moved, I tried to see and visit and lunch with as many friends as I could! A lot of them I’m kicking myself for not taking pictures with. So, I feel bad if you’re missing but it doesn’t mean you’re not one of my people! (Is it just me or is it weird to take pictures with friends once you’re older and married??  why is that??  I have countless awkward kiss-face selfies with my high school friends and roommates, but not a single picture of a ton of my friends for the last 4 years)

Guys, this is my crew.  From high school.  And I hated it when people said “you won’t even know those friends in 10 or 20 years”  because that is a stupid thing to say and these ladies are still my BFFFE’s.  We’ve clearly been busy being total baby-making machines.  Also, I’m going to take one moment and make fun of all of you for still living in/so near good old Davis County.  done.    Steph, Courtney, Heather

high school friendsI harassed Mandy for weeks to send me this.  She didn’t want to because “her hair was weird”  what???  Ashley, Mandy, Camiliamandy & friends This girl Natalie wins the longevity friendship award.  I can’t ever remember not being friends with her, but my first memory probably goes back to 4th grade, just the two of us playing soccer at recess because we thought it was so stupid that all the other girls just stood around in circles talking the whole time.  All through college, I’d call her up to go rollerblading with me no matter how long it had been since we talked.  Major props Natalie for being the only person I know (my age) with rollerblades!  We took them for one last spin before I got too huge to look like a complete fool.


This is the lovely Lindsey ready to have a baby! Our friendship goes back to working scooping ice cream together at Frosted Rock (for $5.15 an hour!) and being roommates at BYU 🙂unnamed
I hate all the rest of these pictures because of my atrocious Guatemala hair (i.e. the hairstyle I rocked for that entire 2 month Guatemala summer) but whatever.  Camilia, you’re awesomeCAM01093And all you ladies that cleaned my apartment on moving day while I ordered you around, you are so awesome!  I’m going to say you represent the whole ward and there are about 30 women and 10 million acts of service I could add.  Caitlin, Aubrey, Michelle, Emily, Chelsea.  (p.s. Emily–still kicking myself for not getting a yoga group shot, and still want one!)CAM01092

And then there’s Mandy, my bff 3 doors down.  Despite all we’ve been through (and how many hundreds of photos we have of our children) we have only taken ONE photo together. That’s stupid.  And every time I see this one, I think of how you woke up early to make us cinnamon rolls and we had to leave before they were done and how it was such a huge tragedy and I’m still not over it.  You’re. the. best.
IMG_0370here’s to old friends and new friends!


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