2014 Family Photos

There are probably only about a small handful of people who read this blog that won’t already have seen these on Facebook, but some of them happen to be pretty important people (like my mom.  and dad.  and facebook-hating brother who might just be the only 27 year old I know without a facebook account) so I wanted to post them here anyway.  Sorry for the social media overload of our faces if you’ve already seen them!


My brother-in-law Jordan took these during our family vacation in Eden, Ut in June.  Tanner has a full beard, I’ve got myself a baby bump, and Camryn has those curls (I never go anywhere anymore without a stanger or 10 commenting on “those curls!”) I always wonder, will these family shots be as hilarious to us someday as my family’s old photos? You know, where we can’t believe how young mom and dad look and how huge Jessica’s bow is and how fat Andrew was as a baby?  And we poke fun at everything from the lace and bangs and shoulder pads to the blue swirly studio backdrop? I can’t help wondering how these photos will look to me in 10, 20, 50 years and how far our family will have come!  Thanks, Jordan, for freeze-framing a little bit of this time in our family.  You did a great job, we love them!

tdstaples-2 tdstaples-6 tdstaples-10 tdstaples-15 tdstaples-16 tdstaples-25 tdstaples-31 tdstaples-34 tdstaples-35 tdstaples-47 tdstaples-53 tdstaples-64 tdstaples-81 tdstaples-86 tdstaples-89


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