little lady photo dump

Well hello, first item of business–thanks for all your love on my post before last post.  I got a lot of comments and messages and you know, that kind of thing keeps a blogger going so just remember that 😉  and p.s. i have finally replied to all of them.

And now, we just had a really good day today, and some of you have been indicating that you are missing the little lady a whole lot (not us. . . mostly camryn. . . .we get it) so how about I just do a huge child photo dump the likes of which I try to avoid and this blog hasn’t seen in months?

We went to the Crown Center, this huge shopping center that is basically all catered towards kids, and partook of all of their free activities.  (and someday when we have funds there is also legoland, an aquarium, crayola cafe, etc.)

This was the hallmark Kaleidoscope exhibit.  Basically a huge fun craft zone where they let you loose for 50 minutes and tell you to “let your child direct their own creating.”  Which immediately conjures images in my mind of overbearing parents who want to micro-manage craft time, but then you get in there and there are just a ton of different stations with different supplies but no real “project”–paper cut into shapes, markers, puzzle pieces, yarn etc.  My instinct was immediately to say “hey camryn let’s make this into a hat ok?” or “let’s string these and make a necklace.”  But I forced myself to let her direct the creating.  And. . . .

camryn learned how to use scissors and just wanted to cut and cut and cut and cut this red paper.  and then there was a 2 minute painting break, after which she found some number cutouts which she also wanted to cut into pieces.  Creating or . . . destroying?

IMG_0474 who does that ginormous belly belong to????IMG_0482 IMG_0484 IMG_0491 IMG_0493 IMG_0494 then a “save the world” exhibit all about recycling and eco friendly practices.  here is camryn shopping localIMG_0498 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 then we jumped in on what we didn’t realize was a private tour for a girl scouts troup at a fudge shoppe.  it was rad.  the guy flipped that fudge all the way up to the ceiling.  he was very entertaining.  IMG_0505 and later we made s’mores in the firepit that tanner labored so long and hard on today in our backyard!  Camyrn is clearly stoked about the whole thingIMG_0510 IMG_0511 IMG_0512earlier that day, digging the firepitCAM01172 and then here’s just a whole ton more from earlier in the weekIMG_20140708_174936 CAM01166 CAM01165 CAM01164 CAM01161 one of me!  starting to feel huge.   24 weeksCAM01160 4th of july waiting for fireworks.  dancing to the bandIMG_0459 for those of you without instagram. . .CAM01151 IMG_0452 from the top of Liberty memorial.  beautiful view of the city!IMG_0446 she dressed herself this day.  and insisted that she needed her striped pants on over the striped leggings.  and we pick our battles around here.IMG_0442 IMG_0440 IMG_0432


the end.  we love our happy girl!


One thought on “little lady photo dump

  1. Lyndi says:

    Sorry you’re feeling huge but I love that belly! It’s great that you guys get to explore together before Tanner starts school. Camryn is so adorable and I loved the stripe on stripe combo. It’s like in uno how you can match color or number, sometimes people think they can match paisley with paisley or plaid with plaid and I want to explain to them that this isn’t uno!

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