Seven Quick Takes

1/  Tanner and I have been sneaking around adjusting the thermostat.  On my way out of the bathroom or while I’m picking up the house, I’ll turn it up a few degrees. On his way in from doing yard work or into our room, he’ll crank if back down and then some. We do this silent little dance, pretending we’re not doing it and that we don’t see each other.  He’s always so hot all the time–dramatic wicked witch of the west (“I’m melting”) style, and I’m tired of putting on hoodies when it’s a perfectly reasonable temperature outside.  (i know it’s summer, but it’s been really cool and stormy) We should stop fighting mother nature and just leave the windows open, right?

2/  My baby is finally kicking!  I’m almost 23 weeks, way past when most people start feeling the baby move.  At my ultrasound, the technician said something about the position of my placenta making it likely that I wasn’t feeling any movement even though he was moving plenty.  She was right and I’ve just been waiting, waiting, waiting for it.  Even now that I can feel it, it’s small and infrequent, but he’s in there!

3/  Where would you place RUGS on a need/want scale? What about lawn airation? ice cream?  (we can’t seem to find generic brand ice cream.  It’s the pricey stuff or nothing)

4/  The 4th of July was pretty depressing day.  I blame the ward breakfast.  I was a really sad sight to see.  Let’s start with how it was indoors.  Guys it was in. side.  It was 8:00 a.m., an overcast cool lovely summer morning on which they were flipping pancakes outside on the grill and then bringing them inside to a poorly lit cultural hall with those ubiquitous plastic tables and chairs with cheap tableclothes and beige galore. It was all very confusing.  There were lots of quiet old people and a very flat energy in the room, and the fruit for the pancakes was so doused in sugar that I couldn’t even enjoy the pancake (you know, “at least it’s covered in berries” doesn’t work if the berries have been candied).  And then the middle aged guy we happened to sit by talked to us the whole time about how rich he and his parents are, describing in detail his 9000 sq. ft. park city cabin (right next door to tom hanks.  really? he might be a liar.) among other possessions.

The only part that I enjoyed was when they did a raising of the flag (outside!) and I watched a 6 year old scout with a bowl-cut very sternly chastise another 6 year old scout to “get your hands out of your pockets!”  It was cute.

So after that we came home just pretty down on the holiday about how we didn’t have a single friend to spend it with, or a single dollar to buy something to liven it up.  But then we made some fantastic burgers, cut up a watermelon and went to some fireworks that night.  Somehow we chose the ones where all the old people go.  There was a community band playing patriotic music surrounded by lawn chairs full of what must have been the population of the nearest nursing home.  (I think I’m prejudiced against old people, is that bad? They make me uncomfortable and I think they’re boring) But then the fireworks were spectacular and that’s really all we needed. About halfway through, Camryn started saying “dad, dad, dad, dad”  and when dad finally said “what?”  Camryn pointed at the sky and said “fireworks!”

As if he hadn’t noticed.

5/  The printing of phone books in the year 2014 is socially irrelevant, ecologically irresponsible, and should be illegal.

6/  We took a family walk with our dog one morning, and there is this one section of the neighborhood where I’m pretty sure everyone has a dog.  There was one yard with 3 dogs in it that backed up against another yard with 2 dogs in it, and when we walked by, all 6 collective dogs started raising hell and didn’t stop until we were two blocks away.  It happened again on the way back.  Me might need to find a new route.

7/  We almost never see any neighbors around.  (Probably they all have jobs and don’t just happen to have July off like both of us do?) Our first interaction with one was when Tanner was out front one morning and an oldish man walked by and complained “it’s only 9 o’clock and already 90 damn degrees and humid as hell out here!”  Another time the lady across the street (black, overweight) was sitting on her front porch looking at her phone.  Camryn spotted a squirrel on her lawn and wanted to chase it.  We got halfway down her driveway, I told Camryn to come back, apologized to the lady, laughing about Camryn’s squirrel chasing.  She looked at me and then looked back at her phone without saying a word.  Not a people person I guess.

bonus take 8/ we have 2 dinner invites this week!  I might have friends in the near future.


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