Here we are


We’re in Kansas City now.

I just wanted to share some bad photos and really disjointed thoughts about our move.

The day before we moved I should have been cleaning my heart out, but I really really just wanted to take Camryn to the pool and get one more day out of our Provo Rec passes.  I felt dumb the whole time getting ready and leaving because I had the longest to-do list of all time, but I just wanted to anyway.  So we went, and I had one of the funnest times I’ve ever had with Camryn.  Last week Tanner introduced her to the “big slides” which it had never even occurred to me to take her on because they are huge and clearly not toddler friendly.  But Tanner took her on them and she did fine and loved them and hasn’t wanted anything to do with the kiddie pool ever since.  We rode them 8 times (which is a feat, because, those stairs.  there are a lot of them.)  And they are big enough that they are fun and scary for me, and Camryn just laughs her head off the whole way down saying “cr-aaaaazy!”

We packed the truck and cleaned Monday night and drove away Tuesday morning.  And I just have to share that management at my apartment are the biggest group of airheads on the planet and decided that MONDAY of all days, they were going to send the plumber to fix the tub that I have been badgering them about for 4 entire complete solid months.  The job required them to access the tub through a hole behind our stove (don’t ask) meaning they had to pull the stove/oven out, placing it in front of our fridge, while one of them was in the kitchen and one of them was in the bathroom.  So I couldn’t clean my fridge or finish packing my kitchen (which was the plan of the hour, make that 2) I couldn’t clean my oven.  I couldn’t clean my bathroom.  I couldn’t eat.  and I couldn’t pee.   And I was one pissed pregnant lady.  I wouldn’t have even let them in the door, but we were gone picking up our moving truck and my friend who was watching camryn let them in.  And management got a very angry phone call.  The end.

We sold our Buddy scooter and we’re really sad about it.  We took one last ride around Provo on it and then sent it off with some punk college kid who probably won’t love it enough.

Monday night we slept on an air mattress in our living room since everything, including our bed, was packed away.  I woke up waaay to early to the neighbor’s lion of a dog barking it’s head off (it’s head that is twice the size of our dogs body btw) and somebody banging their way up and down those dang metal stairs over and over, and what I think I’m trying to say is that I am not going to miss our old apartment one tiny bit.

CAM01075 CAM01077 IMG_0347CAM01079 CAM01087 IMG_0353 IMG_0357 IMG_0360 CAM01027We started our long trek across the plains, and just one hour into the drive, before we’d gotten anywhere close to any plains, Camryn started puking.  The only thing she’d eaten all morning was strawberries, so when I looked back, all I saw was red spewing out of her mouth and for one second my heart stopped because I thought she was throwing up blood.  After that little fiasco was over, she did amazingly well.  I don’t know that was all about but I’m just so glad it didn’t continue because that would have made our already long day so much longer!

Colorado was stunningly beautiful and then it was cold.  We probably need to live in Georgetown someday.

IMG_0372 IMG_0387 IMG_0395 dvd player.  money well spent.CAM01095 CAM01096 And then we hit a FREEEEAK lighting/rain/hailstorm completely out of nowhere.  It was sprinkling and then it was like monsooning one second later.  Hands down the worst weather I’ve ever driven in (ok, blizzards are worse, but I’m usually not the driver) and I slowed down to like 10 mph and was trying to decide whether it was safer to just pull over altogether or if that would just get me hit, and then the hail started.  And OMG.  I felt like we were getting shot at and that surely the windshield was going to shatter and that when we stopped our car was going to be a dented pulp like you see on the weather news sometimes from baseball sized hail.  Maybe I was being dramatic, because the car was fine, but that was scary.  We stopped at Arby’s, it stopped raining, and we decided to keep going the 2 hours until our hotel reservation, and had clear roads for the rest of the night.  What the heck Kansas??

But then the next day, Kansas made up for it because that state is totally beautiful.  And there were so many windmills and remember how once I wanted to be an engineer?  Well it’s because I wanted to engineer renewable energy sources, and am I weird that i think windmills are one of the most beautiful things there are?  For about a hundred miles, I reconsidered my career options, and maybe I will just have to be an engineer after all.

We bought walkie talkies for the road since Tanner would be in the truck and I’d be in the car the whole time, and it was a fantastic idea.  You’d think we could just use our phones, but the walkie talkies were so worth it and made it so much faster and easier to communicate immediately instead of fiddling with phones (which is more dangerous anyway)  it made the driving less lonely and my only complaint is that we drained the batteries too fast so we didn’t have them the whole time.

CAM01101 CAM01106 CAM01111 CAM01112 And then we got here!  And walking into our new house, we just were completely overwhelmed and didn’t have a clue what to do with ourselves first because there was just so much to do.  We had called the bishop and asked for some help unloading our truck and a very nice young couple showed up to help us, plus the bishop and one more guy and little while later, and we were so grateful.  And now I have one friend.  Her name is Becca.

We are cleaning and unpacking and cleaning and unpacking and screwing things into the wall and spending way too much money at Lowe’s which is just down the road.  My sister just moved into a new house and she texted me last month–“warning!  moving into a house makes you want to spend so much money!! but most of the things are just wants, not needs”  Well she was right.  We could go drop at least $2000 more at Lowe’s without even feeling extravagant.  Lawn mower, air conditioning unit for my loft space, closet rods, rugs, kitchen chairs, organizing bins, screws, picture hanging materials, used dresser for our bedroom.  And. . . it turns out that since we switched banks, after depositing all of our checks into our new account here, our funds aren’t available for another 5 days.  So we had this really awkward moment at a discount grocery store that we went to where they didn’t take AmEX OR Visa (our 2 credit cards) and we tried our new bank debit cards not realizing the funds weren’t there yet–declined–and we were just pulling out card after card and looking like total broke fools.  Tanner finally ran out to the car and happened to find our last $60 of cash (our total was $53) and that was totally embarrassing.

My loft space is amazing!!  I know it doesn’t look that amazing,  but the room has so much potential and I’m hoping with shop funds to eventually really do a lot with the place. For starters, we installed an AC unit.  (I’m seeing a lot of the fix-it man side of Tanner that I have not once ever seen of him and I really love it) And then I started scrubbing the floor with a bucket of water and scrub brush on my hands and knees Cinderella style and was soooo pleasantly surprised.  I had no idea what was hiding under there and had been planning on just covering it up with a rug.  Look though!  Look!

CAM01122 CAM01124 CAM01133

And then one morning we woke up and found a turtle on our patio.  There are squirrels all over the place, the fruit flies are out of control, and there is a nightly bird cry happening that I keep insisting is not a bird because there is no way that sound can be coming from a living creature. And fireflies are so cool!

There is a park nearby with a giant penguin + an elephant, giraffe, and kangaroo.  All huge size. It’s a pretty great park.

I was worried Camryn might have a hard time in a new nursery at church today, but she thrived.  Loved it.  Didn’t want to leave.  And sometimes I just think that she’d be a whole lot happier if I took her to daycare every day.  When we picked her up, they told us she was a great listener and we laughed about it the whole way home because I’m pretty sure that all the parents watching us use the full strength of two adults to drag her across the penguin park and force her into her car seat while she hysterically objected did not think that she is a great listener.  Ditto to the bank tellers when we had to leave the bank and wouldn’t let her have a 4th sucker on her way out.  Anybody have some parenting books to send my way?  Because the one I’m reading isn’t doing it for me.

IMG_0425 CAM01136Namaste from Kansas City



13 thoughts on “Here we are

  1. Josie says:

    Okay. The last picture literally made me laugh out loud because, wow! I did not expect GIANT penguin when you said giant penguin. That thing is huge! I’m glad you guys made it!

  2. Lyndi says:

    I’m an idiot cause when I read the giant penguin giraffe kangaroo I thought they were real and I was like whaaat is it some kinda zoo? I blame this documentary I just watched about people who have wild animals as pets.
    I wonder how long the good listener thing in nursery will last? It’s like you almost want her to be a bad listener at some point in nursery so people can feel your pain. Or maybe not I don’t know.

    • haha not real. and YES you are right, and tanner said exactly that as we left nursery–“I almost wish she was bad in nursery and good when we have her” and it is really frustrating when sometimes other people think your kid is just all smiles and happy time and you want them to understand how hard it actually is!

  3. Alison Alleman says:

    I was just thinking I need to call you and see how things are going! But now I know 🙂 So, the really loud sound that sounds like it might be a bird…? It might be cicadas? When we moved to TX I remember the moment I discovered cicadas and it FREAKED me out. They are kind of like locusts I think. And every night for just a few minutes they make this REALLY loud sound that sorta sounds like and alarm – not a sound that should come from an animal. We were walking by some trees when they started and I clung to Zach and was like “WHAT IS THAT?!” Not sure if that’s what you’re hearing though 🙂 So glad you are liking it there! BTW, your grass is way better than our grass and I’m jealous.

    • yep it’s cicadas! I haven’t seen one yet, but how is it even possible for a bug to make such an awful terrifying sound?? i don’t think i ever want to see one. . . .and our grass looks way better in the picture than it actually is. I don’t even like to walk barefoot on it because it’s so crabby and spiky. hopefully we’ll improve it

  4. HOLY CRAP that penguin is huge. And yeah, I’m pretty sure being home owners has cost us more than we could have ever imagined! Owning a home means you *always* need something from the hardware store. I demand more pictures of your house!

    • no it wasn’t rosie, it was next door in our 6 plex. the new people that moved in have the HUGEST dog. have you seen it out walking? and i’m still holding our house pictures hostage until you send me those lunch ones ;). seriously.

  5. Meredeth Bliss says:

    That photo of the family on the old porch steps will be an awesome photo as your family grows older and looks back at how things use to be. It’s a perfect family picture!

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