I’m Dreaming of a New Apartment (and also we still haven’t heard back from Florida so stop asking)

No, we still haven’t heard back from Florida.  And Tanner has called the admissions office several times and they give him an admission counselors phone #, which he calls repeatedly and she never even answers.  We’re 2 weeks past the point when they said they’d get back to us and we had to pay KCUMB (Kansas City) a $1000 matriculation fee this morning, so whatever Ft Lauderdale–whatever.  We had kind of decided we’ll go to Florida if we get in, but now we’re wondering if we want to go to a school that doesn’t even answer our phone calls and has a dysfunctional interview process. We’ll see.

But on to the the real subject of this post (it kind of promises to be a downer, sorry):  how excited I am to be out of this apartment!  Really, really just hating on this apartment right now.  I just got an email asking us to please be prepared for routine inspections tomorrow.  How rude would it be for me to reply: “I’m really glad you have time for inspections but not time to take care of the maintenance request I sent 11 days ago and have called about twice for you to fix my freaking curtain rods that have fallen out of the wall.”

Would that be rude?

The thing is that I’ve been living in crappy old Provo apartments for 7 years.  I’ve loved them all, laughed off their ghetto crooked doors, old carpet, leaky ceilings, dilapidated furniture, bathroom ventilation systems that sound like they are hosting a colony of dying birds (remember that one?!?) thin walls that let all the sounds through–weekly halo nights, babies crying, newlyweds making love, couples fighting.  I considered it part of the college experience and it never bothered me too much. But I’m over it.  I’m am so over the stained linoleum and the walls covered in nail holes.  I’m over taking my laundry to the Wash Hut and the sound of footsteps on the metal stairs every single time anyone comes home.  I’m especially over maintenance at this place using every bit of their imaginations to avoid spending more than $1 on any single maintenance issue.

A while back, when we were thinking about what kind of place we’ll get when we move to medical school, I said I have two requirements:  I must have a washer/dryer and I must have a dishwasher.  I thought I’d pretty much be fine with any place as long as I had those two things.  And now. . . ohhhh, I started getting greedy and dreaming big.  When Camryn started walking, I started thinking about how nice it would be to have an enclosed outdoor grassy space.  Somewhere she could be outside and explore but I could still get things done.  I’m pretty sure at this point, she could spend hours in a sandbox or a little plastic pool if we had a backyard and man, that just sounds so nice.  Also, it wouldn’t kill us to have some kind of garage or shed to keep our nice bikes that are too valuable to just lock to our railing (I’ve already had one bike stolen in Provo, not happening to my new baby) so that we don’t have to sacrifice half our (sparse) closet space for them.  What if we had an extra room for my own studio office??  Or more than two kitchen cupboards? Or more than 2 feet of closet? What if we had a big enough place that I could move from one room to another during Camryn’s nap without waking her up? (gotta make sure my bathroom breaks are taken care of before hand because if I can’t hold it–naptime is over) I would love a lot more light.  A LOT more.  And it would be nice not to hear my neighbors through the floorboards 24/7.  And what if–gasp–luxury of all luxury’s–what if we had a master bathroom??  PEOPLE–a master bathroom!!!

No apartment hunting until we’re 100% sure where we’re going, but I am over here wishing, hoping, praying that our med-school stipend will cover something that satisfies at least some of that wish-list.  I want curtain rods that stay attached to the walls and is that really so much to ask?


4 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a New Apartment (and also we still haven’t heard back from Florida so stop asking)

  1. Can we just go rollerblading once before you guys leave town? You’re not over that, are you?!? I figure if you didn’t get over that in the 90’s, you’re never getting over it. But feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.

  2. Dana,

    I just wanted to say that apartments everywhere (okay, I haven’t been everywhere yet…) are sooooo much better than Provo. so so much better. Like after being gone for 3 years I can’t imagine ever ever living there again. You will love it.

    Good luck!

    • so good to hear! I started reading the comment and I thought it was going to say that apartments everywhere are crappy and it’s not just provo, and that was going to make me depressed. And it’s really funny because there are tons of new nice apartment complexes popping up all over Provo–TONS. I think pretty soon these old junky ones will be old news

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