The Story of a Friendship

Camryn has this little friend who lives just around the corner and a few doors down.  Her name is Lily and she was born just 3 weeks after Camryn.  Her mom and I are really good friends and so, naturally, the two of them spend quite a bit of time together.  Their friendship began around September 2012 in one of those short little side pews at church right about the time we’d started attending a new ward and so had Lily’s family.  We were there already, Camryn sitting on the floor by our feet, when Mandy said hi, slid in next to us, and set Lily at her feet by Camryn.  Lily immediately let out a loud and joyful yell right in Camryn’s face to show her delight at having a playmate, to which Camryn promptly responded by dissolving into traumatized tears.  Which made Lily cry.  And a friendship was born.




They both have a ton of personality but they are so so different.  I don’t really know how to say how because they both evolve so much over time.  For a while, Lily was the loud, happy, excited one while Camryn turned shy, defensive, and taciturn in front of her.  But then Camryn learned to hit and pull hair and started bullying/standing up for herself however you look at it. Sometimes they are so excited to see each other and sometimes they throw fits for the other one to go home because two year olds can get very territorial with their toys.  So, in other words, they don’t always exactly get along. . .


Sometimes Camryn is Miss Independent and Lily is Miss clings-a-lot wanting to follow her everywhere and smother her with hugs.  IMG_7352 IMG_7361 IMG_7362 IMG_7364IMG_7372IMG_7373And then sometimes they play nicely, share toys and goldfish, chase each other around the playground, giggle a lot, yell each others names in funny toddler accents, and just plain get along while their mothers stare and whisper disbelieving comments.


CAM00285 I have this vague notion that someday, long after we’ve moved away and they’ve lost all toddlerdom memories, we’re going to force them into being college roommates.  Something tells me they’d either be arch enemies or the best of friends who think this story is hilarious and love to show these pictures to their other roommates.  So there you go.


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