Who has time to blog?  I totally don’t.  Blogging is ridiculous.  But I can’t not blog and I don’t know why, so here I go internet, telling you all about my life because I like to write and can’t help myself.

My husband has been at work since Saturday afternoon.  He has literally worked 35 out of the last 48 hours and still has a few to go on this shift and as soon as it’s over @ 7:00 p.m., he’s on-call from 7:00 p.m.-7 a.m. and what the what?!?! Tanner come home!! The issue here is not his schedule, it’s the on-call shifts he need to pick up to meet our bills. He could pick up 5 in a row and not get called in at all, but then sometimes all of the sick and injured community of Provo and the surrounding area conspire against our happiness and all need surgery at once and he gets called in ALL of them, all in a row, for the whole 12 hours.  Or gets sent home at 2 a.m. and then called back again at 4 which is worse if you ask me, and poor man, he is tired.  Today he was headed back to work and couldn’t find his badge that he needs to get into the OR, and we looked and looked and checked the car twice, and were so frustrated and he kept blaming Camryn (and though she does periodically just decide to stash our car keys in the tupperware drawer to be discovered 6 weeks later, it’s not her fault every time) and then–He found his badge.  It was hanging around his neck.  And he sheepishly said ‘bye’ and took off for who knows how many more hours.  We are already out of pretzels and cheddar and are rationing all other essentials and I’m not being melodramatic at all.

There was a whole lot of goings on packed into this little week of ours.  Lest you start to feel pity for my husband-less existence, we took a midweek, 3 day get away sans baby to Bryce Canyon.  It was beautiful and fantastic.  I’ll post about it next.  But this trip was right after my dear sweet old uncle Bob died unexpectedly, before his funeral celebration of life (because my aunt is Kathryn and it was absolutely not a funeral) Not to mention my mother’s knee replacement surgery (part 1 of 2), and my little girl entering her third year of life via the gateway of her 2nd birthday.  And I spoke at a woman’s conference on Saturday on “transitioning to motherhood”.  Plus I had my worst yet to date experience with my child’s poop which I will spare you the details of but which occurred at a restaurant and included poop on my clothes, not just hers.  The week before that, we found out a close family member has cancer.  Cancer that he will recover from, but not without one heck of a surgery with a looong recovery.  That plus 2 baby showers, yoga class, booking 1 flight to Florida, paying a painfully high dental bill with several more to come, a few trips to the city pool, reading my first kindle book. . .that pretty much sums things up.   Heavy and light, good and bad, with no regard to order, things are happening.

And who knows why I feel the need to tell you?  But there you go.



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