Around here lately

Around here lately

my notebook is filling up with mantras from yoga class and little snippets of Camryn that I want to remember

about 75 % of my friends moved out of Provo last month.  Which basically describes every semester change, but by this time–it’s gotten old.

the bathroom smells like chlorine from our swimsuits hanging to dry from our almost daily trips to the rec center pool.  Best money we’ve ever spent. We got a big hunk of a discount through Tanner’s employer (IHC) and Tanner is trying to shed a few pounds, I love zumba, Camryn loves the “POOL!!!” and us parents were at a huge loss of what to do with a hyperactive 2 year old from sun up to sun down every blasted day all winter. . . so this is just a good good thing all around.

remember me mentioning the box of paper on it’s way that weighs more than I do? Well it got here when were out of town for a couple days and my sweet neighbor texted me that I had a huge package at my door and would I like her to take it inside for me to make sure it didn’t get stolen? I replied:  ha.  if you can lift it.  She texted me back a few minutes later “ya. . . I think it’s weight will protect it from robbers :)” It took all of Tanner and I’s strength to get it past the door frame and then slide it all the way to our bedroom.  The bedroom where it takes up about 25% of the floor space that is left after our bed and my desk make their claims and that has been otherwise completely overrun with paper, bubblewrap, shipping envelopes and piles of book board.  So let it be written that my husband has never complained about this not once ever and so he is the best.

we’ve decided Tanner will go to his interview in Ft. Lauderdale.  It’s an option people!  The game is on, let the best option win. And even though the the flights are about double the cost, I am still confident we would get more than twice the visitors, am I right?

i’ve realized that lately when I am around other adults I. can’t. shut. up. People are fighting to get their words in edge-wise.  I have to consciously force myself to not interrupt and just keep talking and talking and talking.  Because most of what I say during my days are variations on the themes of “you have to eat something besides pretzels”, “stop climbing on me/get off of me/I am not a jungle gym”, “Camryn what is wrong?? you are being crazy for no reason”, “no more choo choo”(Thomas the train cartoons), and occasionally “well you are just the sweetest girl in the whole world”.  And guys, I have other things to say.  Lots of other things.  So forgive me and know I’m working on it.

tanner’s new work/school schedule is about half as heavy as last semester which means my life is about 2 million percent more awesome.  We’re working on smoothing out the kinks in an entirely different work hours/caregiving/housework balance where since he works much less, now I can work much more, and he gets more time with Camryn while I get less. I love the girl with all my soul but I can’t tell you I don’t love this new balance.  I’m trying so hard to resist throwing every single thing into Tanner’s lap since I have been 80% in charge of parenting, meals, and housework, and for the next 7 years that will probably lean closer to 95% (or 99.999% depending on which residency wife’s blog you read) and I just need a lot of give in the interim ya know? But I fear I may be going too far the other way and expecting him to take over everything. So much I want to do, so little time.

Namaste, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Around here lately

  1. Lyndi says:

    I’m always kinda curious how couples balance parenting/housework between the two of them. It seems reasonable to pass her off more with the sorta impending doom of med school!
    I keep thinking back to when you first had Tanner clean up Camryn’s bath tub poop and how it was so shocking to him. It’s always funny when spouses realize the weird or gross things the other has to do. Seems harder for girls to experience their husband’s day to day if their husband has a traditional full time job.

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