Welcome 2014, welcome.

Yesterday was New Year’s Eve and guess what I did?? I ditched a lined notebook that I have been trying to fill for almost two years, picked this pretty and huge blank one off my shelf, and started to fill it.  Is there anything more satisfying than beginning to fill a new notebook? I think not.  New year, new notebook.  I like it.  There is something about lines that I just cannot do and it discourages me from writing.  Lines do not facilitate pretty journal pages like this one.


Everyone is saying it, but I’m going to say it too:  2014 is going to be the best.  There are so many exciting things and big changes coming for me and my little family and I, for one, am STOKED.

Here are my plans:

MOVE across the country!! Out of state, guys.  I’ve never lived out of this state.

 Bookbind my little heart out and take my Etsy shop far and away further than I dreamed it could go.  I have big plans and among many other things–a box of paper on its way that weighs more than I do.  Really it does. I have no idea how that UPS guy is going to get it up our stairs.

Travel and ski as much as my circumstances allow–a trip this month, one in the spring, and a couple of flights out to Kansas City for sure, but more than that if I can help it! (read, depending on the size of our tax return and our housing cost situation for the fall)

Buy a house??  We might buy a house.  Like grown ups.

Become an organizational guru.  Don’t laugh.  I’ve already come a long way.

Take that yoga class and love everything about it

Keep learning my family history and get as much information as I can out of my parents and grandpa before I move

Love and use my new KINDLE and read so so many books

Write more.  Write things that aren’t this blog and that I edit and produce final drafts of.  Also, write more with pens and paper–fill up that notebook, abandon social media once in a while.

Cook my way through my new cook books–Our Best Bites #2 and my first introduction to the Pioneer Woman.  I am going to eat so well this year! And probably not in a low calorie kind of way.

Get my hair trimmed more often for heavens sakes.

Be more patient with my toddler

And maybe add a human to our family.  maybe.



Happy New Year!  May 2014 be your best year yet, and mine.


2 thoughts on “Welcome 2014, welcome.

  1. Lauren M says:

    One of these days i am buying a notebook from you Dana, because hot dang they are gorgeous and it has been too long since I wrote in a gorgeous notebook. I will talk it over with the husbandman, sounds like the perfect Valentines gift :).

    Also, I am crazy excited for you to move and all the brilliant things you have planned for the year. 2014 does have a pretty great aura of “you will like me” about it.

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