Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a good one.  I hope it was full of remembering the Savior, singing songs about Him, service to those in need, an abundance of sweets, beautiful colors and pretty lights, time spent with those you love the most, kindness to strangers, lengthy naps, ski days, oversized sweatshirts with comfy leggings, excited children, old friends, ridiculous traditions, sentimental movies, praying your Amazon items make it on time, reading new hardbacks, and eating huge dinners—because isn’t that what this is all about??

Ours was lovely. Can’t say I had all of the above, but enough to make me happy as can be and feel like I just having everything I need in life and so much more. Camryn had a high fever all Christmas day which was pretty sad because we had so looked forward to her being so excited and saying “wow” in the ridiculous way she does, and pushing that shopping cart around that we got her from Toy ‘R Us that she picked out herself, and doing her jumps for joy when she got “TEATS!!!” (treats) in her stocking.  But instead she spend most of the day sad and curled up in her grandpa’s arms.  (That girl is so in love with her two grandpas and has both of them totally wrapped around her fingers.  I love watching her make my dad laugh and call her the most animated toddler he’s ever seen, and watch Tanner’s dad chase her laps around the kitchen to exhaustion.)  Two of Tanner’s nieces were also really sick and were quarantined to the basement when they came over, and when you are 8 and 5, being sick and stuck in the basement on Christmas is just the kind of thing that can make you feel like the world is over.  Poor things.

But on to something happier, I have the best gift giving husband in the world!  He seriously is the sweetest thing, it kills me.  If I married someone more practical and frugal, I would totally be in the kind of relationship where we agree to forgo gifts and save the money for something else or put it towards furniture or a car payment or just buy clothes and shoes we need or something.  But that isn’t who Tanner is.  He loves giving gifts and is so thoughtful about it.  His first gift to me was a box full of 5 different ‘options’ for a little 3 day trip for us to take together next month (because I’ve been dying to go on vacation).  He probably should have known better than to give me choices, because I’m in agony over here trying to decide like it’s life or death.  I might have to have him just decide for me.  And also. . .

He bought me a kindle paperwhite!  I’m really excited about it.  It’s one of those things I resisted for a long time (like my smart phone) but I think once I start using it, I’m going to fall in love and wonder why I wasn’t dying for one in the first place. Does anyone have one and have advice for how they buy and read books?  I know the library lends out ebooks but I wonder how good their selection is?  Or if it’s worth it to pay for an Amazon prime account to access the free books they offer through that–again, I wonder how good the selection is?  I don’t have a lot/any money to be spending on books so I’m wondering what the best way to go is and if I can get away with never paying for ebooks.  Either way, I think I will do a lot more reading this way which makes me happy because I haven’t been doing very much of that.  I also need to hurry and learn to like audiobooks because I could be going through a lot of those while I bookbind.

Anyway, I need to be more like Tanner.  I’m pretty lame and hardly give any gifts and I think I should be a lot more thoughtful and giving.  I’m committing to get more into holidays!  I can try to blame it on finances, but really, it’s my practicality that always stops me.  I usually just like to sit back and enjoy the awesome plans, preparations, meals, and presents provided by our generous parents.  Since they do so much to make our Christmas’s great, I feel like I don’t really have to, but it wouldn’t kill me to try a little harder.  Next year I’m planning ahead!  Next year I will start shopping before it’s too late to have anything shipped!  Next year I will give thoughtful gifts to people that I love but could get away with not getting them anything.  Next year I will put up a tree before December is half over! And next year, heaven forbid, if the stairs align and this fire lasts I may even send out a Christmas card. Watch for it people, we’re going places.

I digress, so lets just skip to pictures. Some of these I stole from Thanksgiving, mostly because I felt like Nolan’s cute face should be included.

Camryn @ toys ‘R us, our new winter playground/Lauren with Ruby giving a master crusty/talking to missionary Anne in Tokyo


Sorry Camryn, we don’t like this place either, but sometimes we’re desperate/Big grandkid gift that stays at grammy’s house: car.  Don’t camryn and max make a cute couple?/sick and sleepy in papa’s arms


My husband is SO GOOD LOOKING!!/ O Christmas tree/ my brother’s beautiful family/ mom

xmascollage3 my mom wraps things cute/ nephew Nolan–remember how he was a huge baby?  he thinned out quite nicely/my pretty sister


Ryan and Kelsey, Zach and Alison, Anne, we missed you guys!!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night


One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Alison Alleman says:

    Wow, I was reading your last post at the same time you posted this. How’s that for timing? You might need to recondsider coming to Utah for Christmas next year since me and Ryan will be there. We flew to Texas for Christmas our last year in Utah and flew to Utah for Christmas our first year in Texas. Didn’t make financial sense, but that’s how it worked out. I hate feeling like I missed out. I’m glad you guys had a great Christmas! We might join you in the Christmas card-sending next year! And I think since you’ll be so into the Christmas planning next year, you should display a felt advent calendar (I’m 32 and still not sure if I spelled calendar right). I think they’re pretty classy.

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