7 quick takes

Linking up for 7 quick takes!

1.  I feel like I’ve discovered a major secret of life:  You can put whole chicken breasts in the Kitchen Aid with the regular attachment, and in less than 2 minutes you will have perfectly shredded chicken to put in that casserole, taquitos, soup, whatever.  Isn’t that awesome??  Pin that, people.  And think of me and be grateful every time you do it for the rest of your life.


side note–almost everyone who comes to our house comments on how cute our ice blue kitchen aid is.  Well, my dad came over for dinner a while ago and one of the first things he said is–“Wow!  that kitchen aid is really ugly”.  Thanks dad.

2.  Tanner got an interview offer in Florida.  So forget what I said about Kansas City being a pretty much done deal–this might be a game changer.  You know I love the snow, but I wouldn’t hate warm temperatures all year long and being 10 minutes from the beach.  Wouldn’t hate that at all.  We’ve scheduled an interview (not til February)  and have more research to do before we decide if he’ll go, but it’s a possibility!

3.  The internet is harassing me with “Last-minute” gift ideas, and I’m like what?  Last minute is still 4 days away.  Calm down.  I haven’t purchased or wrapped a single present, but I am committing to reform because I decided I am way too lame when it comes to holidays and it wouldn’t kill me to put forth a little effort.  That’s all.

4.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my etsy shop!   I was going to do a whole post on how much has happened with it this year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, so the quick version is that I’m so excited for what I think this could turn into.  It was so fun having the shop busy busy busy through the holidays, and I have big plans for 2014!  Thank you so much to all of you that have supported my shop either through purchasing items or just liking, sharing, and encouraging my work.  It means a lot!

5.  The Daybook isn’t on my list of must-reads, but I do read her from time to time, and just about died when I read this post about their lovely treehouse cabin for two getaway, and just go read that and tell me you are not dying inside to go do that??  And then, just in case you are overcome with blogger jealousy–go read this post because I think it’s always good to have these kind of reminders that people’s lives aren’t the perfect edited version you see on the internet.

6.  I feel like a lot of people I know try to blog, but every time they post they are saying how they wish they were better about doing it more often.  Might I suggest joining the 7 quick takes link up?  It’s a really good method I think for those who having a hard time just getting something down.  You might even try journaling that way.  Every Friday just get 7 things down, no matter how short or fast.

7.  I was trying to post a video, but it’s not working, so here’s some picture from Tanner’s phone of me and my people






Have a good Friday!


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