big t.v.’s and icy stairs

This thing happened and it’s that we got a gigantic t.v.  I really don’t like it at all, but it makes my husband happy and sometimes I do things that make him happy just to be a good wife I guess.  The t.v. we’ve had since we got married has a screen that is roughly the size of a standard sheet of paper.  Tiny, you might call it.  And Tanner has always been dying for a new one, but the size of our apartment (tiny) and the amount of our discretionary income (also, tiny) have always just by default kept us rocking the tiny screen.  But as of late, he got into his head that he really wanted a bigger screen (he started watching more football is probably what did it) and he started rearranging our furniture and measuring square footage.  He found his dream on KSL for $60 and I couldn’t say no.  

Now, I knew it was going to be bigger, but I had no idea how massive this thing was actually going to be.  This is not a flat screen my friends.  It took four guys to get it up our stairs, the screen is literally about 10 times the size of our last one, and it looks completely ridiculous in our tiny living room.  I’m embarrassed, really.  At first it was placed so that it was the first thing you saw right when you walked in the door, like–BAM.  HELLO!  Welcome to our home.  We moved it to the other wall, which is better, except that makes our couch so close to it that I feel like I need to push the couch back 6 feet to watch anything and. . . that’s not possible.  So really it’s just ridiculous you guys.  But my husband loves it and let it go down in history and on my tombstone that I am the best wife ever and my husband is lucky to have me right?  right.  And the other thing is that we are moving in 6 months and several people have asked if we will be moving it with us, and the answer is–ha.  absolutely not.  We will be selling it for more than we paid for it.  So, I can live with anything for 6 months right?

I would show you a picture but I’m still embarrassed so I’m not quite there yet.

On Friday night after the ward Christmas party–which was seriously the most diverse talent show I’ve ever seen in my life–we pushed the couch back as far as it would go to watch Parenthood on on-demand and during the most intense part, we heard a thump-thump-thump X7, and I, knowing that sound all too well, rushed outside to make sure that whoever had just fallen down our metal stairs of death didn’t have a broken back.  It was the Dominos delivery guy.  And he was not happy.  I asked if he was okay and he was like “NOOO I’m not okay!!!”  and starts going off about how dangerous that is and how someone is going to break their butt and sue our landlord and how they’ve got to do something about that.  Not like yelling at me or mad at me, just complaining to the universe in general in a really whiny way, and I could just tell this guy was miserable enough delivering pizza on a Friday night on icy roads in below freezing temperatures–and then something like this just tops it off.  Poor guy.  Not gonna lie, we did have a really good laugh at his expense once I’d shut the door, but still, we pity the man.

On a completely unrelated note, for those who might be wondering, we are pretty much 100% going to KCUMB in Kansas City.  Tanner has had 2 other interview offers, but after thorough research, KCUMB is a better school and he would almost certainly choose it over the other ones even if they did accept him, so he opted not to go to those interviews.  It seemed really weird to turn down interviews when we had been working for them and waiting for them for so long, and it seems like most people choose between a bunch of schools that they interviewed at, but it didn’t make sense to pay the money to fly out there when we already had a better offer.  The one school we were waiting on that he might have taken over KCUMB was Midwestern in Chicago, but he just got a rejection letter from them last week :(.  SO!  Onward to Missouri!  We are so excited.  And we just sent them a big fat check in the mail to reserve our spot (which will seem skinny skinny skinny compared to some other checks that we’ll be writing them, but lets no think about that).

and now I’m going to go have some ice cream with my love

go and have yourselves a lovely day


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