Snow snow snow!!!

Oh yea, winter comes with SNOW!  I kind of forgot, what with all the warm days, and then the gloomy/overcast/rainy days.  I’m something of an obsessive weather-checker, especially if I’m waiting for something–like colder, warmer, or snow, but for some reason I haven’t lately and woke up to surprise snow which is way better than expected snow come to find out.  I took Camryn out and about in it and wish that right here it was time to comment on the wonder and astonishment that lights up the eyes of a child seeing snow for the first time in their memory, but. . . if I’m being honest (always am) it was much closer to confusion with a side of grumpy.






(ya, it’s too big and she often gets mistaken for a boy, but guess who isn’t paying for a new coat next year or for my next child be it male or female? me.)

And now, with all this snow, I just really really badly deep down to my gut and bones and fingertips and creaky knees–all the parts really want to be on a mountain skiing right now.  Do you think my family would get mad at us if every time we come to visit from Kansas City, we spend the whole visit up at the ski resorts?  I mean, they are more than welcome to join us, but there is no doubt we are going to miss these mountains in a bad bad way.

I’ve had the travel bug really bad lately.  Perhaps a combination of it being a long time since I’ve been somewhere I’ve never been before, pouring over atlases as I make a dozen map journals, and watching The Amazing Race.  Gets me every time.  I have peoples to visit in New York City, Miami, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and San Diego, and if it were up to me, we’d just take a nice little drive around and hit every last one of those.  Instead we’ve been talking about a week-long Seattle-Portland roadtrip.  or Tanner suggested a ski trip instead and that just might’ve squeaked ahead in the runnings for me at the sight of this snow!

are you bored yet?  Sometimes I’m boring, sorry.

lately. . .

we had a lovely Thanksgiving with all the right foods and plenty of leftovers.

we finally got over croup and then more croup and then colds all around.  I’m already stir crazy and it’s only day numero tres of the first month of winter.

I also finally got to meet (not hold, but still) my new nephew Jett.  His mother wasn’t letting anyone hold him for fear of illness and says he won’t attend church until March which I think is smart smart smart and all you ladies with your 7-day-olds/2 week olds/anything younger than 3 month olds especially if it’s winter in sacrament meeting are CRAZY.

I got to watch my niece dance the part of a sugarplum in the Nutcracker and it was lovely.  Next year she wants to be a party girl and I’m going to be reeeeally sad if I have to miss her being a party girl!

Tanner worked 17 hours on black friday with double pay because it was a holiday and a call shift which was really really awesome because double pay on a day that doesn’t even feel like he’s working on a holiday is the best of both worlds.  I probably won’t feel so awesome about his 7 a.m.-7 p.m. call shift on Christmas day, but for now–yay for a fat paycheck!

I’m on an organizing frenzy.  I’ll tell you about it later.

We had a lot of fun at a holiday party thrown by some old friends from high school who were in town for Thanksgiving. I heard somewhere recently that everyone needs old friends and new friends and I think that is so right. I love those people. They’re always good for a laugh.  There was much sugar coated popcorn eaten and a white elephant exchange full of re-gifted wedding presents, an off-color novel, and one tacky Christmas lamp.  An astonishing number of these friends married each other just like Tanner and I did. Almost all of them have dogs, 4 of whom (the dogs, that is) attended, half of them in Christmas sweaters which is cute.  But not one single person there has a child or is even with child that I know of.  Which made me wonder if maybe my commitment fears are a little mixed up because over here?  We are just not ready for a dog.


Over and out.  Enjoy the snow!



4 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Alison says:

    Wait, so have you for sure decided on Kansas City? Is Tanner going to go to any more interviews? Zach’s good dental school buddy just got into the Ortho residency in Kansas City. Maybe you’ll be neighbors! They’re great.

    P.S. Camryn is a doll.

  2. josie says:

    We are in South Carolina these days and I’m not gonna lie, I am so happy about no snow this year. But I don’t ski so maybe that’s it! Amen on the not bringing the brand new baby to church, all I duff was hang out in the mothers lounge anyway, next time we’re waiting 3 months

    • right. Snow makes a skiers heart happy but if you don’t ski I totally get why winter would be miserable. Which makes me nervous about how I’ll feel about living in Missouri–flat and cold. hmm.

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