7 quick takes

If I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever, but it’s only been 5 days, does that mean I have a problem?

Either way, here I am to punch out 7 quick takes (link up hosted by Jen)

1.  It’s awesome to have a weekend that actually feels like a weekend.  That’s a rarity for me as a mother (why aren’t there days off built into this career??) and wife of a man who works at a hospital and a restaurant (nights, weekends, holidays). I pretty much do the exact same thing on Friday, Saturday, Sunday as I do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, except for church I guess.  But Tanner had last night off and I sneaked (snuck?) off to the Bijou market with my girlfriend Carolina, and tonight I’m going to see my niece in the Nutcracker.  Two outings on one weekend, just call me a party animal.  I know, a craft fair and a ballet, not exactly living the wild life, but I will take it after 4 consecutive sick days with the kiddo and hardly seeing the light of day.

Here’s what I picked up at Bijou, some vintage salt and pepper shakers and handmade lemongrass soap (i am a sucker for all things lemon scented):


2.   To help make it feel even more like a weekend, we got takeout from Outback and I decided we have been way under-utilizing our 50% off employee discount.  Steak dinners for the price of fast food?  yes, please.

3.  My phone just went CHA-CHING! because I got an Etsy sale (make that 2!) and holy cow I love that my new phone does that.  My shop is really picking up and it’s exciting!  I stuck 2 notebooks in the mail today, I’m delivering 4 more to an old neighbor in Kaysville, and just sold 2 more right now.  Up until this point (almost a year after opening my shop) just about all of the money I’ve earned, I’ve just poured back into materials and supplies, but I’m getting to the point where I can contribute to our income and help pay our bills which feels so good.

4.  Instagram!  I have it now.  Follow me @scribbleandjot (is that even how I say it?) I figured out that a bunch of my friends who I thought were too cool for social media have just been hiding out over there.  who knew? I’m hoping to use it a lot to market my shop, so just holler if that gets annoying.

5. Tanner is awesome and kind of an extreme environmentalist and last week he had to give a presentation in a class on whatever he wanted and he chose the tarsands in Canada.  He told me all about it and it made me really depressed.  Basically, they’re taking hundreds of miles of the most gorgeous forested land in the whole world (google image Boreal forest) in Canada and converting it into toxic wasteland  (google image Canada tarsands) in the name of extracting oil.


Have you heard of the Keystone Pipeline?  It’s essentially a proposed pipeline that would expand and continue this oil extraction and destruction of Canadian forests.  It makes me so sad that we treat our beautiful earth this way and that there is anything that could make us decide to turn that “before” picture into the “after”.

6.  I’m getting way to0 emotionally involved with Parenthood.  Love that show.  Except one thing that I hate:  have you noticed that every single adult on that show has been involved in some sort, be it mild or serious, in infidelity?  The only exception Tanner and I could come up with was Kristina.  They’re all cheating on their spouses, texting other men, flirting with coworkers, having dinner and long conversations with people they shouldn’t.  The show makes it seem like all of that is normal and justified, and to a large extent okay until you’ve slept with someone else and only then have you crossed a line.  It’s messed up.

7.   November has treated us really really nice as far a mother earth goes.  The first half of it anyway.  Almost as beautiful as October I’d say, and not the typical gloom and doom I typically associate with November.  Here’s some pictures of a short little Rock Canyon hiking we did


Camryn totally walked off this side path waving and saying “BYE!”


off on a solo adventure I guess.   I’ve heard that some toddlers are clingy and scared to leave their parents sight.  What’s that like??





p.s. bonus take #8  I’m reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior and she is such a genius of words.  She talks about giving up “the soft middle part of her sandwhich”  and I’d say that just about sums up motherhood sacrifice better than I’ve ever heard it done.


One thought on “7 quick takes

  1. Our toddler, upon us providing the choice of riding in the Boba, riding in the cart, or walking along the cart said, “No, I want to walk alone.” ’cause no one ever gets lost in Ikea.

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