one of those walks

Tanner’s interview in Kansas City went amazing.  I don’t want to talk about it too much (superstition, you know) but Tanner loved every thing about the place, the campus, the staff, the city.  It feels really good and right and we want to get in sooo so badly.  We should hear back in 2-3 weeks or less.  Stay tuned!

Whenever we go on a walk, on the way to wherever we go, Camryn is focused, directed, speedy.  She can cover 6 blocks or so really quickly, cruising ever onward, stopping every time she hits a street for me to hold her hand and help her cross. It’s painless and lovely.


But on the way home, she is an entirely different creature.  She’s suddenly little miss detective/explorer/curious tortoise/out-to-drive-her-mother-crazy.  She has to stop for absolutely every. single. thing.  She wants to turn back the opposite direction and down any street except for the one that leads home.  She freaks if I try to prevent her from running blindly into the streets (which I do, never fear, every time). I play the roll of patient adoring mother fostering her imaginative, investigative spirit–that is, until I lose it and  just really want to get home because I’m bored or hungry, have something to do, or am just dying to move on towards 5th east since the block from 3rd to 4th has already taken us 34 minutes.  That’s how it goes.

Let me demonstrate with a slideshow taken to entertain myself during one such walk:

First up, the wall.  Can’t pass up a wall, can we?


the bars


the puddle


campaign signs,


pretty leaves.  we must investigate pretty leaves



gravel pits!


another wall



checking out the pumpkins. . .


and all other unidentified objects. . .



she likes to check out strangers porches and sit on their furniture if I don’t stop her


the all important snack break



and the part where she throws a tantrum if leaves are stuck to the bottom of her shoe



When it starts to feel like the walk that never ends, and I’ve given up using reason and persuasion to get her to walk the direction I need at a reasonable pace, I typically throw her over my shoulder kicking and screaming and commence the walk of shame for the remaining blocks home.  It’s a broken system, but we’re working on it.


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