like bunnies in a cage

People, the Bramhalls are MULTIPLYING (Bramhall is my maiden name if you didn’t know).  We take seriously our commitment to replenish the earth (50% kidding right there).  Remember this post where I announced 3 new members of my family?  Well, there’s 3 more!  I’ve been dying real hard to post about them, but I’m not positive on my sisters privacy desires and I don’t want to be like, “oh hey, how was giving birth earlier today? btw is it ok if I write about it on my blog?” or ditto on “I know you’ve been on 6 planes in the last 4 days and other stressful things, but can I post a picture of my new nephew?”  So I mostly just wait for things to go Facebook/blog official before I go ahead and steal their photos and call it fair game.  (sisters, if you have a problem with it, you know where to find me!) And in the case of my facebook-hater brother, looong overdue announcement here.  So.  Without further ado, in order of appearance:


alison 2

By a series of fortunate events, my sister Alison and husband Zach adopted another baby boy!  And their first is . . . 6 months old.  Yup, hands full.  And no big deal, he came a month early, in Hawaii, a week before they were moving apartments.  Probably not stressful or overwhelming at all.  Don’t they make a beautiful family?


2nd up:  Baby boy Rawson #5.  My sister has baby name commitment issues (which I tell you not to say that there’s anything wrong with that, but to give me an excuse when I do the same thing.  It runs in my family.  Did you know I was Danielle for the first 2 weeks of my life? That is a story for another day)  He may actually have a name by now, but the last I heard (day 7 of his life) they were leaning towards Jett.  Jett Rawson.  Can you say future professional athlete?


He made a surprise accidental-unassisted-homebirth entrance!  I’m pretty sure I’m the only woman in my family hippy enough to even consider medication-free childbirth, so this was definitely not Jessica’s ideal experience, but what a story!  The paramedics arrived 2 minutes after he was born.  I’ve said it before, but with my first labor being so short, chances are good I might have the same kind of experience someday!  Hopefully everything is safe and sound like it was this time.  I can’t wait to hear the story firsthand (and hold me some newborn baby!!)  but fate would have Camryn get a croup virus this week, and I have to stay away.  And Alison lives in Texas, so by the time I get my hands on these guys, I’m afraid their wrinkled chapped newborn skin, squished faces, and skinny little limbs will be all gone and chubbed out.   Sad sad sad.  Holding a truly brand new baby is so awesome.

Here is their whole beautiful family (that’s five, count ’em, five good-lookin’ sons):  jess1

Doesn’t this picture just make you wanna have ten babies???  (Tanner said nope to that question so maybe it’s just me.) . . . and have a gigantic kitchen table and mountains of laundry and a house just swarming with little kiddos and slimy hands and noise?

New member #3 is my brother Andrew and Giannina’s baby coming this February!  No picture yet because that little girlie is still in the womb.  But we are excited to meet her and get these male/female nephews/nieces numbers just a little more even.

Who’s next?  A husband for Maddy? (who knows, she’s been avoiding all my emails)  or Anne? (she’s on a mission, so hopefully not)  pregnant Lauren? Ashley? Emily? Kelsey?  me?

Bets anyone?!  just kidding (50%)


6 thoughts on “like bunnies in a cage

  1. Kristen says:

    First off, the title of this post is just fantastic. And second, I officially have no room to complain about my current baby situation – 6 months apart??! Oh my goodness! I’m sure things are crazy but how exciting for them!

  2. Ashley says:

    Sorry Dana! As much as you may think it. We really are done 🙂 Nate is the final word around here. Life is great with 4 girls. Although, I am asking myself the same question…WHO IS next? Dana?

  3. HAHA oh my gosh. I miss your personality. I would love to get together with you and Mandy sometime. My family is multiplying, & it makes me think I need to get going too. My sister had a 42 hour labor, so that is also something keeping me away…just a tiny bit.

    • I miss you too, let’s hang out! really! and try not to let other people influence when you have babies! I swear, i think who you’re around can sway you so much. When I’m around so many pregnant women or ones who have toddlers camryn’s age and already have another or are pregnant, it makes me anxious like I’m behind or something! but when I’m around childless couples sometimes i think we had one too soon. I think it’s important to do things on your own time, based on you and your husband, God, and not anyone else!

      plus, my labor was 5 1/2 hours, so not all labors are created equal 🙂

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