a dozen roses

I thought we’d be to the grocery store by now, but Camryn has been quietly playing on the floor by herself with nothing but a jar of pens and pencils for about 40 minutes now (dump all the pencils out, put them all back in, repeat) and when you’re the mother of a toddler who rarely to never entertains herself, you just don’t mess with things like that.  Nope you don’t.  You don’t get up from your chair, make any sudden movements, make eye contact, or even breath too loudly.

So I’m just going to take this moment of free time to enjoy the beautiful about-to-start-dying vase of roses on my kitchen table.  Tanner and I celebrated our third anniversary last week (one month late.  life happens.) by spending a night at none other than the Grand America in Salt Lake City (funded by momma & poppa Staples as last years Christmas present) Because I had a baby shower in Bountiful and Tanner had work, we split up and met up at the Grand America, Tanner taking his bike, the train, and then his bike again.  There I was waiting in front of the hotel, and that sweetheart of a man shows up on his bike with a vase of a dozen beautiful roses in hand!  He’s a keeper, this one is.

So, this hotel.  It’s weird how rich and how poor that place can make me feel all at once.  All the fancy luxury is so fancy and luxurious, but I feel like a fraud who doesn’t belong.  Pretty sure their bathrobes alone cost about as much as our monthly rent, and if it was up to our budget, we’d have enough to cover. . .maybe parking.  The poor-man’s self parking variety of course, not to be confused with the valet variety.  As I pulled in, just finishing up my peanut butter sandwich snack, I was acutely aware of our crooked missing-a-screw license plate and how full of dirty laundry the back of my car was. (to be done at my parents house) Can you say CLASSY?? And then I hit the lobby, and well, there are just well dressed people left and right.  And I’m wearing jeans that I’ve worn 4 times a week since 2010.  But a scene in the parking garage did make me feel better–a couple nicely dressed for a wedding got their toddler out of the car in nothing but a diaper and then tried to pull a fancy poofy dress over her head and she was having none of that at all.  Rich or poor–toddlers still throw tantrums!

Anyway, it was a great time.  We went shopping (new pants :)), we had sushi, we celebrated anniversary style. 3 years 🙂  Congratulations to us.



Even though I’m the cheapskate in this relationship (every relationship needs one right?  but only one) I will never ever think buying flowers is a bad idea.  I’ve heard from so many people that flowers are a waste of money and they’d rather have a gift that will last, but no amount of expense could make me say “skip the flowers–let’s spend it on something useful.”  I love with all of my heart a vase of fresh flowers on my kitchen table.


4 thoughts on “a dozen roses

  1. I love this post! haha I totally relate. I would sometimes have to go into fancy places in New York for work (unplanned) so I walk in in my sandals and frumpy clothes and even though the people working there have to help me, I just know that they are wishing they could sweep me right back out the door! And I totally agree about flowers- no way are they a waste of money!
    And also, I almost got a little teary eyed thinking about your sweet husband riding the train and then his bike while carrying a vase of flowers in his hand!

    • thanks lane. you’re the best loyal reader ever! it was the sweetest moment. I kind of hate when people post mushy lovey couple stuff on facebook/blogs, but I just had to remember that sight of him on the bike with the flowers!

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