on Kansas City, stunning mountains, and being present

Ok so, we’re still waiting and wishing on (more) interviews but I am thrilled beyond measure to announce that Tanner has his first interview!  It was last Tuesday that he got the email, and let me tell you–thrilled beyond measure are we.  Wait did I already say that?  Can’t emphasize it enough.  I was an awesome moment for us.  Just a really great validating moment like oh hey!  we probably do have a future!  This really huge thing that we have been working towards for a really long time might actually happen for us! I am so freaking proud of my awesome husband.  What a stud that man is, really.

The interview is at KCUMB in Kansas City.  Kansas City, which is a city that is not actually in Kansas (yes, what?) but is in fact in Missouri. And which is absolutely not a place that I would ever have put on my top-5-places-I want-to-live list, and actually sounded like it would be on an opposite sort of list (kind of an oh-dear-please-can-we-not-move-here list)  BUT turns out Kansas City is actually really cool.  It’s a much bigger city than my uneducated self knew even existed that close to the middle of our country, it’s a good school, houses are cheap cheap cheap, there’s a temple there.  All good things.  And we were very happy to discover in our research that KCUMB has an extremely high acceptance rate of those who interview–70, 80, even 90% some years–most schools have way lower than that.  So we are breathing a lot easier even though we haven’t heard back from any other schools yet.

Lots of really good things happened this week.  Really really good things.  Sometimes I find myself frustrated all autumn long that autumn is so dang short.  Instead of enjoying the leaves and the stunning sight that is Mount Timpanogos, and COLORS (the colors!)  I catch myself depressed that it’s almost over already, annoyed that there are so few not-hot-but-not-freezing days, discontented that I’m not getting enough fall– that I haven’t visited a farm or knitted lots of things or jumped in piles of leaves or hiked daily or gone on a back-packing trip or taken stunning photos in the canyon, or. . . you know, those things.  I’ve got indoor guilt like crazy.  But I really do just need to let go of what I can’t do and love every second of what I do get.

Friday we drove the Alpine Loop as a family and I was fighting this hard.  Fighting to let myself enjoy it instead of wishing we had more time.  The sun was close to setting already, and at first that made me disappointed, but I think it made it better.  We’d go through a really shaded part where it was getting dark and everything was grey, and then we’d burst through to where the sun was shining and everything would seem like it was on fire.  We didn’t get awesome pictures.  We didn’t have time to stop for a well-planned picnic or a hike.  We were a week or 2 late on seeing the colors at their prime.  But we did have a lovely family drive through the canyon, and that’s good enough.


We also picked out pumpkins at the farmers market.


And went rock climbing with our new friends the Sullivans, which was SO FUN.  really.  really fun.  Worlds apart from climbing the indoor rock wall at the quarry.  Rock canyon is stunning (do I keep saying stunning?? It’s just the only word I keep thinking to describe these mountains and canyons!) and Bethany and James were kind enough teach us the ropes and deal with our oh-so-green at outdoor rock climbing selves.  I only wish I’d gotten into this sooner and had time left in Provo to really give this hobby a shot.

rock climbing 1

rock climbing 3

rock climbing2

#1 reason I document my life–because if I don’t I sit around feeling sorry for everything I’m missing out on, and if I do I feel like my life is so full.  Look-turns out we’ve done lots of fun beautiful fall things! I just forgot.


I’ve been going to a fantastic yoga class and this week she said one little thing that I really grabbed on to:

Take a moment to just be present.  Just be here.  Let go of whatever may have happened today and let yourself be happy that right now, you are right here.



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