We’re just sittin’, waitin’, wishin’. . .

for a medical school to want us!

We have finally reached the point in the medical school application process where we. . . wait.  We’ve submitted all of Tanner’s secondary applications, and by we, I definitely mean we, because there was a lot of essay writing going on and I helped a lot and I can honestly say that all those awful essays made me happy for the first time since graduating college that I’m not in school right now.  Each application required about 2 or 3 essays and we applied to about 16 schools, so ya, that’s a lot of essays.  (And there may or may not have been a 1500 word/1500 CHARACTER mixup that almost cost Tanner a limb)

And now they’ve been submitted and we are nervous as can be waiting, waiting, waiting for interview calls. It’s been about a week or 2 or 3 since we submitted most of them, so this week is about the time we’d expect some emails to be rolling in. Or we could just not get a single one until April.  Or none at all! Most school accept “on a rolling basis”, so just because you don’t get a call right away doesn’t mean you won’t get an interview and and an acceptance much later on.  It’s just plain nerve-wracking is what it is. I’m really really nervous. Even though I have complete confidence that Tanner is the best applicant out of anyone alive and everyone that rejects him are idiots,  idiots!  I’m still nervous.

Two weeks ago we got a letter in the mail from the Office of Admissions at Midwestern, which is in our top 5, maybe even our top choice.  It was right after we had submitted our secondary application to them, and when I saw the letter I was kind of freaking out, because what we’re wanting is an email or a call extending an interview invitation, and a very skinny piece of mail could only mean one thing right?  A rejection.  I didn’t want to open it without Tanner so I was calling and calling him, all the while thinking, if we got a rejection right off the bat from our top choice, do we have any chance at any interviews at all???  When I finally opened it, it was a lame “Thank you for submitting your secondary application.  We have begun to review it and will let you know our decision as soon as possible.” Which is not a no and is not a yes, and that envelope wasn’t worth one bit of the excitement it fostered, apparently.

And then we got our first rejection last week from Rocky Vista University in Denver, which was not fun at all.

People will say “you must be dying to know where you’re going to be living for the next 4 years!”  Which is true.  But I am pretty wide open to anywhere that we may go (except New Jersey.  please let it not be New Jersey) pretty stoked all around for our next adventure, mostly I just really really hope we’re going somewhere.  Not because I don’t want to be here–I’m loving Utah more and more all the time.  I just don’t want us to be stagnant and we’re all so ready to move on to the next part of our lives next year.

I’m really hoping that much sooner than later, this whole post is moot and we’re making hard decisions about which school to accept out of our many options.  But until then we’re just waiting and wishing!


One thought on “We’re just sittin’, waitin’, wishin’. . .

  1. Alison Alleman says:

    We’re in the exact same position right now! Zach finished his pedo applications a few weeks ago and we’ve just been waiting!. But we feel like we have an extremely good chance of getting in at Baylor. Zach has made a point to get to know all the pedo faculty and to make them like him. He already got an interview scheduled for Baylor. And he got an interview in Chicago. He got 2 or 3 no’s so far. But for us I guess it’s not quite as nerve-wracking b/c if he doesn’t get in somewhere, he can still start practicing dentisry in May…we’ll just have to apply for pedo again next year.

    Good luck!!! Keep us posted!

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