7 quick takes

I’m linking up with Jen for 7 quick takes

1.  TANNER HAS THE ENTIRE WEEKEND OFF.  As in, when his chemistry lab ends at 3:00 today, he doesn’t have one single class or hour of work until 9:30 Monday morning!!  That probably hasn’t happened since the weekend we went on our honeymoon and probably won’t happen again until we celebrate, oh, our 10th anniversary?  So we better have us one heck of a good weekend is all I can say!

2.  We’re going rock climbing this afternoon 🙂  Like, real outdoor rock climbing with friends who have equipment and know what they’re doing.  We picked today because obviously, freezing and rainy is ideal outdoor rock climbing weather.  And the ironic part is that this is a raincheck from last Friday when it was also freezing and rainy.  So all of those glorious sunny fall days in between and after last Friday and this Friday can just go jump in a lake because this is the only day we can go, ok?

3.  Does anyone else’s husband have a shameless crush on Katie Perry?

4.  I went to yoga last night for the first time in way too long and it was awwwwweeesome.  So far in my life experience, there is nothing a little yoga can’t fix.  It was a free class (free yoga?  yes please.  Provoites, just ask and I’ll tell you where to find free yoga twice a week this month)  and at the end she did this awesome thing during shavasana where she had some strongly scented something on her hands, gave me a slight massage and and moved all my limbs and oh.  oh my.  practically put me into a coma.  I will be going back to that yoga class.

5.  After yoga, I picked up Camryn at Ryan and Kelsey’s place.  Two things to say about that.  1) Camryn had all of her fingernails and toenails painted for the first time in her life because Aunt Kelsey is way more fun than mom.  2)  Their apartment complex has BATS.  As I walked up to their 3rd floor apartment I was trying to figure out what the weird sound was and told them “uh, I think there are birds nesting in the roof over there.”  They informed me that no,  they weren’t birds, they were bats.  And after living in oh so many 100 year old apartments in Provo, I thought I’d seen everything in the book, but this was new.  They laughed as they told me about another tenant who had knocked on their door petitioning them to please send in a maintenance request about the bats because she’s already sent 7, they’d been ignored, and she was trying to gain strength in numbers.  She had a list of all the reasons why this was really important and why bats are dangerous, their toxic poop, etc.  And all I can say is that if I was living in that complex too, I would be that girl.

6.  I’m having a fall sale in my etsy shop! 20% off all notebooks this week.  You should probably go check it out because I’m pretty certain you need a notebook.

fall sale


7.  My toddler is on a tantrum rampage.  It’s the worst.  Instances for tantrum include but are not (even close to) limited to:

  • When it’s time to leave the park
  • When it’s time to leave the library
  • When I dress her
  • When I undress her
  • Everytime I open the fridge and wont let her inside
  • when I won’t let her drink the toothpaste
  • When I won’t let her knock on strangers doors or go into their backyards
  • When I change her diaper
  • When I put anything on her high chair try that isn’t one of her 8 foods that she’ll eat
  • When dad leaves for class/work
  • When any other baby or toddler touches any of her toys
  • When any other baby or toddler sits in her high chair
  • When mom shows any kind of love and affection towards any other baby or toddler (we’re looking forward to her first sibling, let me tell you!)
  • The grocery store
  • Church
  • when I cook

I’ll stop now.  but I could keep going.

Here are a couple cute pictures of her mostly to remind myself that sometimes she isn’t screaming.



This is her and her friend Lily helping me clean the floor


And her and her friend Mac chatting on the phone.


happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. Jody Bitton says:

    Camryn is such a cutie! I wonder what she’s talking about in that last picture of her on the phone. Looks like a serious call. 🙂

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