Summer vacation 2013

Here is a slideshow of our August Southern California vacation in all of its photo-dump glory.  I usually love taking pictures and think I’m halfway decent at making sure I get good, balanced, aesthetically pleasing documentation of our trips, but for some reason that didn’t happen here at all.  Sorry if you spent 3 or 6 solid days with us and didn’t even make the photo dump once.   It doesn’t mean we didn’t love and appreciate your prescence! My toddler doesn’t ever let me do what I want might have had something to do with it.


First on our calendar of events was the wedding of my littler brother Ryan and his wife Kelsey in the beautiful Redlands CA temple


And this is our perfectly behaved daughter having a not-at-all-melodramatic meltdown on the grounds of said temple.


What we didn’t know is that this was the first in a series that resulted from a 2-day nap strike that was delightful for all parties involved, I assure you.  I was terrified that this is what I had to look forward to for the entire 10 days we were to be in California, but thankfully she wised up and started taking her naps.


I neglected to get a single picture of just the bride and groom.  oops.  IMG_4403


this is their beautiful garden reception at Kelsey’s parents house.  It’s laughable how little justice I managed to do it with my camera.  A shame really.  IMG_0322


Newport beach with my family


that’s my mom.  and she’s smiling!  not that she never smiles, because she does, except that for the entirety of my existence, anytime I’ve pointed a camera at her she’s given me a raised eyebrow “I hate it when you take my picture” look.  But sometime in recent months she must have realized her smile is much more attractive than that face and maybe she’d like her posterity to remember her this way instead.  good job mom!


This is how the Bramhalls do vacation:IMG_4418


We got to meet Owen!  Alison and Zach’s baby that they adopted in April.  he’s CUTE.


After staying with my family for a few days, we drove about 15 minutes to where Tanner’s family was staying for the next 6 days (which was hugely, awesomely convenient timing/location and I can’t believe it worked out that well)

With them we spent 2 days in Disneyland and 1 day at California Adventure

Who’s happier to be here, Camryn or her dad?

IMG_4430 IMG_4433 IMG_4435

ya know that iconic picture of the kid konked out their stroller after a long day at Disneyland?  this is Camryn at 9 in the morning after a grand total of 2 rides: Peter pan and the teacups.  I guess it was all just a little overwhelming.
IMG_4436 IMG_0330IMG_4438

IMG_0337 IMG_0338

We realized after about oh, 1/3 of the first line that Camryn was at just the age to have a REALLY hard time waiting in line for 3 days.  Pretzels and goldfish only got us so far (and girlfriend ate a LOT of pretzels and goldfish on this trip)  so for days 2 and 3. . . we got a toddler leash.  Judge away, but that thing was a life-saver.  And really cute if you ask me.

IMG_4457 IMG_4466

in line for Toy Story with grammy (Tanner’s mom)IMG_0348 IMG_0350

and the whole gang


Waiting for the World of Color show to start which was AWESOME.  Of all of the times I’ve been to these amusement parks, I can’t really ever remember going to many shows (just riding as many rollercoasters as many times as possible.  that’s how we do) , but this time around they were my favorite part.  There was a little “princess theatre” we took camryn to that does plays of different disney movies,  we went to Aladdin at a big theatre,  the fantasma (fantasmic?) show, the world of color, and they were all awesome.   And they helped break things up so you weren’t always in line or on a ride–which, you know, isn’t bad, but if you have more than one day there, it was a really fun change of paceIMG_0368 IMG_4472 IMG_4475 IMG_4477

i also don’t think i’ve ever been to toon town.  we definitely  skipped that on our college roadtrip disneyland excursionsIMG_4481 IMG_4486

A lot of the time, Tanner’s parents would take everyone’s tickets and go get fast passes for the good rides.  I think there were 17 of us, half of which were too short/young for the rides we had fast passes for,  and then some of tanner’s siblings don’t like some of the bigger rollercoasters or get sick, so sometimes we got to ride 2 or 3 times in a row with fast passes.  it was awesome!  thanks mark at jana!
IMG_4491 IMG_4494

our nieces went to the “bibbidy bobbidy boutique” and got the beauty shop treatment from the fairy godmother hairdressers.  so cute.


we had some great pool daysIMG_4502 IMG_4504 IMG_4509

Somewhere in there I also got to go out to breakfast with Corrie, hang out at the beach with Lyndi, and spend an entire day on Huntington Beach which somehow didn’t get a single photo.

and since I love to end things on a negative note, then there was the drive home and that middle of the desert gridlock traffic catastrophe that made me question my willingness to ever drive that far again with children

IMG_4511 IMG_4512

The end.

Can i go on vacation again please?


One thought on “Summer vacation 2013

  1. Kristen says:

    I love all the pictures but must say that my favorite is the one of Camryn throwing her fit on the sidewalk haha =) Also, I published the comment you left on my blog and it seriously just up and poofed into thin air. I can’t figure out why it won’t show up, so uh, that’s cool =/

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