Park moms

Good afternoon.  I’ve just been over here basking in stationary inactive bliss, mostly concentrating on keeping myself as still and immobile as possible.  I’m only kind of kidding.  But there has certainly been no exercise to be had over here for almost 2 solid weeks.  The other day I thought about doing some crunches.  But then I didn’t and that was that.   Today I looked at my bike and didn’t have a negative physiological reaction, so that was progress.  (*note-I only hated biking during the ending weeks of training–the actual day of Lotoja was amazing and reminded me why I love it, but the memory of those last few weeks of hard training rides has proved strong and was mostly unpleasant)

I haven’t written much because I’ve been working on/helping with tons of essay questions for Tanner’s secondary medical school applications (because one application isn’t enough.  stupid.) and I get sick of sitting in front of the computer typing, but someday soon I’ll probably jump back on the regular blogging bandwagon.

For right now, I have a good story!  I was at the park with Camryn last night and started talking with this girl there (woman?  I’m 24 years old and I still feel awkward referring to females my age as women) that I’ve seen around quite a few times but hadn’t talked to much.  We started chatting like us park moms do, and quickly realized we had quite a bit in common.  Her husband is also currently applying to medical schools and is at almost the exact same point in the process as we are.  We are also both a year behind anticipated schedule because of things like our husbands retaking certain classes trying to get more research experience in.  They are also applying to a few of the same schools  and our top choices are similar.

Mallory:  No way, that’s crazy!  This is so funny, it’s like meant to be.  What if we end up at the same medical school and it was like we were meant to be friends?

Me:  ya, this is almost weird how the same we are!

It was like every single thing either one of us said, the other would say, me too!  Then we start talking about interviews.

Mallory:  I think I’m going to fly out with him to the next couple of interviews.

Me:  Oh really?  What would you do with your kids?

Mallory:  We have family close, so I’d leave them with family.

Me:  Oh that’s nice, I have family close too.  Where are you from?

Mallory:  Kaysville.

Me:  You’re from Kaysville?  I’m from Kaysville!  (what the wierd)  Did you go to Davis High?

Mallory:  Class of 2007

No freaking way.  We were in the same graduating class.  And didn’t even know or recognize each other.  And had been talking to each other for almost an hour without realizing this.  I guess that can happen in a class of 800 people, but still.  There was a lot of laughing and “seriously???”‘s going on.  And then:

Mallory:  Wait, what is your name?

Me:  It was Dana Bramhall

Mallory:  I don’t even know that name

Me:  I actually married a guy who is also from our graduating class

Mallory:  really!? me too!  Dallin Wright, do you know him?

Me:  nope.  I married Tanner Staples, do you know him?

Mallory: You’re married to TANNER STAPLES?!?!?!?

Apparently Mallory and Tanner were really good friends in High School and she went on about how he is the coolest and I married the best guy (yep, i did).  Tanner laughed really hard when I told him this story and wishes he could have witnessed the whole conversation.  We live exactly 1 block away from each other and I walk past her house 8 times a day to go to the park, and apparently our entire life stories, past present and future are the same so. . . . we’re friends now.  And the next time we’re together we’re going to do a lot of name dropping I think because we know a lot of the same people.   I realized I had recognized her name partly from hearing it from Tanner, but also because Facebook has been suggesting her as a friend to me forever because we are friends with all of the same people.

For lack of a better ending: that’s all, the end, and goodnight.


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