7 quick takes

well hi!  I’m back.  And linking up with Jen for 7 quick takes.  It’s been 16 whole days with nothing but the sound of crickets around this blog.  I’m kind of proud of myself actually, but please tell me you missed me terribly.  Anybody, anybody?

1.  I’m back from 10 days in the sunny land of southern California.  There was a wedding and beach days and pool days and Disneyland galore and it was over and gone in the blink of an eye.  Pictures are coming later but not right now because catch up writing is just not something I believe in.

2.  But I will right now tell you about the drive home because it was epically terrible and blog post worthy and it’s fresh on my mind since I just now got around to cleaning out our car and it was like a graveyard of bad memories from the worst road trip experience of my adult life.  About 2 (or 3?) hours after setting off from Anaheim, we hit traffic.  Traffic that quickly turned into complete standstill gridlock.  We didn’t know it until a little while later but we were less than a mile behind a huge accident.  A car had run off the freeway into oncoming traffic, hit a tour bus, and exploded into flames. (yikes!)  We were just shy of Baker, right near Zzyzx road, so. . . in the middle of the Mojave dessert, just south of Death Valley, and it was literally 110 degrees.  There we sat for 2 whole hours.  They were cleaning up/investigating and not letting any cars through.  Not to be dramatic or anything, but TWO WHOLE HOURS!  That’s a long time for 2 adults, but it’s an eternity for a toddler.  We had her out of her car seat, sitting up front with us, wetting her hair with water bottles to keep her cool.  We had to keep turning the car off and on–we needed the air conditioning, but we also didn’t want to overheat the engine.  I kept thinking, “if only we left the house even 10 minutes earlier, we’d be in front of the accident and on our way!”  but then I’d think that if we left a few minutes earlier, we might have been in the accident, so at least we were all safe and alive.   And since we were so close behind it, once they opened a lane again, we were out of there pretty quick, but the people miles and miles behind us? must have been there all day.  Some of my in-laws were a couple hours behind us (with a 3 year old and a 10 month old who hates the car!) waited for 3 hours and then couldn’t even get through after that because they closed I-15.  They had the turn around and spend the night and it was all sorts of awful.

So after that lovely delay we had a toddler who was done with the car and was, I assure you, a complete delight for the next 10 hours.   Some highlights from that stretch of the trip included a stop in 115 degree Mesquite (so hot!  I’ve never once in my life been somewhere that hot.  As Tanner put it: “Dana, I think we are literally in hell”)  and then an after-dark freak monsoon-like rainstorm from Beaver until home that had us driving 30 mph and cursing our headlights that work about as well as dollar store flashlights.

the end.

3.  More bad.  If you want happy blogging, skip #3 and proceed to take #4 (actually, #5) make that #6 .  Yesterday was the worst bike ride ever.  I’m barely recovered enough to type about it with few enough curse words to feel comfortable posting it but it oh. my. hell.  It was long.  And it was hot.  And every single 1/100th of the last 40 miles was miserable and loathsome in it’s own unique way.  The dialogue going on in my head wasn’t pretty and went something like this:  “this is stupid and pointless and I hate it and I don’t want to be doing this.  Why am I doing this?  This is stupid and pointless and I hate it.  Did I really pay money to do this?  Lots of money.  That should have gone to something involving comfort, luxury and gluttony. etc, etc.”  Hopefully that was rock bottom because any lower than that and I will not be participating in LoToJa, and also my bike will be at the bottom of a lake.  Or maybe it would be more satisfying to throw it off a cliff?  or into oncoming traffic?  That’s where I’m at people.  DONE with this whole thing.  Ambitions and goals are stupid and you’d better believe that after this nonsense I will have no more of those.

4.   Related to #3 but aren’t these supposed to be quick takes?  I got to see my friend and old roommate Lyndi while we were spending a day on Huntington Beach.  She recently quit a very good but very demanding, time consuming job so that she can have a life again (go lyndi!) and she was so happy about it while she was telling me.  She was like, “Quitting things is my new favorite thing!  It’s so awesome, you go home and you don’t have to do anything!  It feels so good.”  She went out for tacos and threw herself a party, and I’m so so happy for her and proud of her.  But oh man, her words were ringing in my head all the way from American Fork to Nephi and back yesterday and all I wanted in the whole world was to QUIT and go throw myself a party and meet her for tacos and talk about how fun it is to quit things.

5.   I’m cutting Camryn off the binky.  I HATE the binky.  I’ve always been terrible at losing those things, but now I swear she is hiding them or throwing them away. . . or swallowing them?  They are literally DISAPPEARING and she can’t live or sleep without them.  The last 2 nights in a row I’ve spent 30 minutes in the middle of the night holding up my phone light like a fool, looking in and all around her crib for the one she went to sleep with and they were nowhere.   Add the time afterwards that I spent seething with anger and not being able to go back to sleep and there go a couple hours of my life that I’ll never get back.  No more!  The binky is going.   And if you have a baby–google it–you’re supposed to get rid of it way before age 19 months, because the older they get, the stronger their emotional attachment gets and the harder it is to get them off it.  I missed that memo.  I snipped the tip off this morning and please pray that this goes well.  thanks.

6.   I friend of mine from high school just opened an awesome etsy shop and I just got a package in the mail yesterday with these earrings and this necklace and I love them!  You should go check out her stuff–there are about 30 more items I would order if I had the $!

7.   Tonight I enjoyed the most amazing thunderstorm.  I don’t think I’ve heard thunder like that since Guatemala (in Guatemala there was earth shattering thunder every single night and I was in heaven).  It’s my favorite sound in the whole entire world.  I went out on my front step with an ice cream cone and just watched the lighting and felt and heard the thunder and just breathed in deeply that amazing fresh rain smell.  And just like that, all is good and right in the world and I’m thinking about how awesome and happy every part of my life is.  There should be more thunderstorms.


5 thoughts on “7 quick takes

  1. I missed you! I love your blog and was so happy to see a new post pop up on my feed reader.

    And I am going to be laughing all night about the last sentence in #3. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve said something like that recently.

    I am sooo with you on the thunderstorms. We rarely get them here any more and it makes me so sad. I love a good storm.

    So glad to see you updating again!

  2. Alison Alleman says:

    1 – Yes, I missed your blog 🙂 2. when I talked to you on the phone when you were in gridlock you had only been there for 45 min (“only” is all relative) and said traffic was starting too move. That must have been a false alarm. That must have been sad. 3. I am reminded of the thoughts going through my head during miles 19-26 of the marathon. “Don’t EVER forget how hard this is! NEVER do this again. Remember every ounce of pain you’re feeling right now. Please, please don’t forget.” But you will be happy you did it! Promise.

    • ya–it was a false alarm and sooo disappointing! and about your marathon I totally remember you saying that. I was thinking the same thing for the last few miles of my HALF marathon, so between that experience and Lotoja, I don’t think “run a marathon” will ever get checked off my bucket list! unless my memory fails me. . . .

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