That Girl puts Stuff in the Wrong Places

Alternate titles:  My Little Hoarder Baby,  Is This Normal?

Camryn has developed quite the. . . pastime.

She’ll choose a hoarding location in our apartment and walk around the whole place collecting anything and everything she can find, and gather it all in her “place”.  When she first started doing this, her location of choice was the garbage can, which was obviously problematic, and I have no idea how many items we threw away before I found my makeup bag and one of her sandals in there and realized it was time to move the garbage can out of her reach.

Sometimes it’s the middle of the bathroom floor, sometimes the gap behind the couch, once it was the tupperware cupboard (took me SO long to find my keys there)  the laundry basket (I couldn’t figure out where all the forks went).  Toys, books, socks, shoes, utensils, headphones, remote controls, keys, jewelry, clothes.  These piles can get pretty big depending on how messy our place is.  She works so purposefully, with a deep concentration, babbling to herself seriously as she goes like this is all very important business.

Last week I went to a bridal shower and was letting Camryn walk around the small apartment.  As we sat for presents, I noticed Camryn take a shoe from in front of the door and walk off with it.  I followed her and watched her open the cupboard under the kitchen sink, stash the shoe there, and close the cupboard.  So then I opened it back up and found the shoe’s match, another full pair, my necklace, my car keys, her sippy cup, the half peanut butter sandwich that I thought she’d eaten, and a Curious George book from out of the diaper bag.

The title of this post comes from the 5 year old neighbor boy who heard me telling his mom about this, and the next time he saw us he pointed to Camryn and yelled “Mom!  That girl puts stuff in the wrong places!”

Yes.  Yes, that girl does.

IMG_0208  IMG_0209  IMG_0212  IMG_0214


One thought on “That Girl puts Stuff in the Wrong Places

  1. Alison Alleman says:

    Awwww. That’s so cute 🙂 Except for those times you can’t find your keys 🙂 Then it’s not cute.

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