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Last night we were walking home from the babysitters house, a walk of about 1.2 blocks.  45 minutes later we were still only halfway home with no sign of progression.  Camyrn was still pulling tiny handfuls of grass/weeds/and more grass of the dead variety and handing them to me to store in the cup holder of the stroller for safekeeping before happily running back for a fresh handful.  And then she’d run back with this happy grin on her face and I just had one of those moments where I just can’t believe I made that gorgeous human being who is surely the most beautiful child who ever walked the earth.  And while we were taking this 1 hour/block walk I was reminded of last week when we walked 3 blocks from the laundromat to the park and when we needed to go back, I couldn’t for the life of me move the mountain that was my toddler who would not walk away from the park.  And then I had a stroke of genius to lure her with rocks because I had just been on a 2 camping trips with her where I learned how much she loves rocks, and what did I do?  I picked one up, tossed it down the sidewalk, and she chased it of course.  And then handed it back to me to toss again.   and again and again and again until 3 blocks later I tossed that rock right into the laundromat and shut the door behind her and felt smart smart smart.   Pat me on the back and give me a promotion.  I really hope some strangers were watching and getting a kick out of my parenting tactics.

I’ve been so busy that I almost forgot to be stoked out of my mind for the bookbinding workshops I’ll be attending all day Monday and all day Tuesday.  wwwwwwwooooohoo!!  party party on.  It’s a ten book workshop.  I’ve only learned 2  so far and look how much fun I’ve had with that.  10 more?  10 more!  Sounds better than Disneyland.  Which, by the way, I’ll also be hitting up next week.  Just, oh, THREE times.  3!  I love going on vacations that we don’t have to plan or pay for.


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