Our 4th of July

On the 4th of July, we thought we’d be really ambitious with our family fun and wake up bright and early at SIX in the a.m. to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival .  It sounded really cool.  Apparently it’s a big deal and they inflate and launch 25 hot air balloons.  So we hopped out of bed–our chipper, early bird selves I assure you– woke up the baby (and we never wake up our baby) and the first person we saw when we got out of the car informed us that they weren’t doing the festival because of possible lighting.  bummer!   and all too reminiscent of the city easter egg hunt that was a bust because some kid ran under the partition way before it was supposed to start, started an ambush, and all the eggs we gone 45 minutes before the thing was even supposed to start.  But I digress. . .

So, by 7 a.m. we were back home with 2 out of 3 of us ready to crawl back into bed, and 1 (guess who!) wide wide wide awake.

We’re not really into parades (do people really truly enjoy parades?  or do they just go because they’ve always gone and it’s a deeply embedded tradition?) so we went on a hike instead.  Stuart falls, which is one of those ones that I can’t believe I haven’t done yet.  It was fun!  and overcast, rainy, so green,  and not at all hot.  We felt like we were in Oregon and probably spent all of our conversation time loving on Oregon.



IMG_0123 IMG_0128

IMG_0129 pretzel pacificationIMG_0130    IMG_0133  IMG_0145

IMG_0157 IMG_0163

And since Tanner just uploaded all the pictures off his iphone, here’s some photos of this and that
IMG_0169 That one time we went mini golfing (actual date status right there) and decided couple selfies were something we should doIMG_0107 IMG_0106 Tanner’s brother got married to the lovely Lauren in the Salt Lake TempleIMG_0171

IMG_0188 I made their pretty sign in bookIMG_0194 one day we visited Tanner while he was on campus doing medical school application stuff and. . . I took this adorable picture.  IMG_0206 Tanner’s little sister Anne left on her mission to Toyko!  I don’t have any pictures of her sendoff, but I do have a couple of the journal I gifted her before she left.  When I have time I think I’ll start marketing these in my shop as missionary gifts.  In the meantime, if you know anyone who might like one, I’ll do custom orders with the map of where they’re going and stamped quotes or scriptureIMG_0262  IMG_0260 We went to the Spanish Fork 24th of July fireworks (which didn’t start til ELEVEN,  we’re not having the greatest track record with city events this summer–but they were worth it. )

Lately, Camryn has decided she’s a total daddy’s girl and rarely wants anything to do with me.  It’s. . . unfair but also way endearing.

IMG_0275  IMG_0272   IMG_0303  IMG_0306


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