my g-calendar says it’s summertime

When active social-mediaites suddenly drop out of sight without a blog post or status update in sight, I immediately assume that they are going through some kind of depression/tragedy/identity crisis/soul-searching episode, you know, like something is wrong.  And then I realize, no, they are probably just living life right and have much cooler, worthy, really exciting important things going on and just no time to spare on frivolous activities that time wasting lame-o’s do like updating the internet on their lives.  I also find it really odd, slightly amusing, and sometimes really annoying when every blogger ever apologizes when they haven’t blogged as frequently as they normally blog.  ??   Kind of like people who apologize that their house is messy.

Is it just me?

Anyway, I’ve been busy.  And I’m going to be busy.  My g-calendar (lifeline and friend since 2009 when a lovely organizational guru named Amy introduced me to its wonderful capabilities) has exploded into color-coded madness.  I sat down last night and mapped out all of our biking miles (6 weeks til LOTOJA!) vacations, weddings, Tanner’s work schedule, bookbinding workshops, family stuff, church stuff–squeezing in a haircut and an 18-month checkup just about threw me over the edge.   The next 6 weeks are going to pass by in a blur, and then it will be September already!  But I like being busy, and I especially like having it all mapped out in color-coded coordination.   And in all honestly I’m not actually that busy, it just seems like it when I have to schedule everything I want to do that can’t be done with a toddler around times when Tanner can be home or I schedule a babysitter.

A little while ago (1 week? 2?  no idea)  I was riding my bike up the canyon on a rainy morning.  It was cooler outside than it’s been in a long time–a slight chill I would even say, and I caught the scent of damp leaves.  It was such an undeniably fallish feeling and I got all defensive and ornery like “fall, you have no business here.  It’s still July for goodness gracious sakes, be gone!”  And then we went to Target later that day and they were selling school supplies for crying out loud and . . . no.  No, no, no (+head shaking) I haven’t quite had my way yet with summer, thank you very much.

So here’s to the rest of mine and your summer lasting a very very long time.


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