portrait of a husband (that is, my husband)

I have lots of pictures to share, but my camera has been out of commission so they are all on the husband’s iphone which is with him at work.  I also have a couple items to share which simply cannot be shared without photos (like how Camryn has turned into my little bona fide hoarder–more on this later) and so  instead I’m going to tell you all about my husband.

I’m always curious about bloggers husbands.  How do they feel about being plastered all over the internet? Every time they do something stupid, do their wives laugh and threaten to “so put that on my blog” like I do?  Are their marriages perfect bliss like they appear to be, or do they fight like crazy?  Do they roll their eyes to the moon and back every time their wife pulls out the camera?

Who knows.

But here is my husband in a what-I-deem-appropriate-for-the-internet nutshell:

Tanner is dog hungry bad.  The other day he said to me: “Why is everyone except for me getting a dog?   I’m so confused.”

He is straight up terrified of bees.  Like will run in the opposite direction no matter the situation.  This stems from an unfortunate incident as a child involving a glove with a bee inside that stung his hand over and over and he never got over it.  The other day he got stung by a bee on the lip while riding the scooter at 40 mph.  It swelled up and was all sorts of traumatizing.

Sometimes he sings “please won’t you be my neighbor”  while he sits and puts his shoes on in the morning like he’s Mr. Rogers.

He works really hard, but deep inside, at his core,  he is the laziest of all creatures.  If it were up to him, he’d stay in bed all day every day (that man loves his bed) watching T.V. and eating all manner of junk food.  That would be his perfect day.

To combat this laziness, he likes to watch motivational videos, particularly this one.  and this one.  I know.  It’s weird.

He has a really loud voice. Loud and booming and everyone tells him he should be on the radio.

He can grow a beard like nobody’s business and luckily has a wife who wholeheartedly supports his mountain man beard growing fantasies.  Maybe after his BYU days he’ll get somewhere with that.

He hates hates hates the heat.  He loves the 5 months when Utah is a frozen wonderland–the colder the better–and is always sad to see spring come (club of one?  yes, I think so)

He’s a little kid at heart and could still play in a pool or with a hose or in a sandbox for a whole entire day and be happy as can be.  Which makes it really fun to watch him play with our child.  He also watches Spongebob Squarepants on the daily and pretends it’s for Camryn.

He’s an extreme environmentalist and knows everything about national parks.  When he’s killing time online, he studies mountain topography on google maps.  He loves snowboarding and mountaineering and I don’t think he’d ever truly be happy not living in the mountains.

Tanner works as an orderly in the hospital, which is really hard to get since there are a lot of pre-med college kids in this town fighting for positions like that to put on their medical school applications. He loves this job.  He loves working in the hospital.  He wants to be a doctor, possibly an ER physician–which takes a really special certain kind of person, and Tanner is that kind of person.  He can stay really focused and unemotional in the midst of chaos, blood and tragedy.  He’s going to be a good doctor, and be one of those people that just loves what they do.(which makes me really quite happy myself)

He is the absolute best person in the world to go shopping with! I love shopping with my husband.  He has good taste, he has never once in the history of our marriage told me something is too expensive and I don’t think he ever will (I’m the cheapo.  He likes nice things.) he always thinks I look awesome, and he picks things out for me that I would never pick out and end up loving.

He is a movie crier!  Movie crier big time.  Like, obvious ones that make everyone cry like The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Marley & Me. . . but then also We Bought a Zoo and The Muppet Movie. Can’t believe I’m outing this on the internet, but guys- The Muppet Movie!! my husband cried at the end of the muppets!! real tears.

Last night after we watched a movie “is it time to go sleepies?” popped out of his mouth like the most natural thing in the world and I was his little 18 month old friend.  I laughed at him hard for that one.

isn’t he the cutest?


I love him.

we're married


2 thoughts on “portrait of a husband (that is, my husband)

  1. haha I love this! I want to write one about my husband now. My favorite is that comment he made about going “sleepies.” I feel like I always say things or think like that after I’ve been around little kids a lot!

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