Dear Husband

how is work this fine evening?  I wish for the restaurant to be full of people without children, foreigners who understand that we tip in this country, old ladies with no interest in chatting at their table for hours after their meals are gone, and just easy, well-mannered, couponless customers in general.  But who are we kidding? it’s a Tuesday so. . . godspeed.

Oh wait!  duh, Tuesday nights you’re at the hospital now so . . . I hope none of your customers die?  Hmm, not as easy to make fun of that job.

The big news of the night is that I was just sitting in the kitchen minding my own business when I heard a loud rush of air which just happened to be all of the air quickly and loudly rushing out of my back bike tire for no reason at all.  So it’s official–I’m cursed!!  I don’t even have to ride my bike in order to get flats.

Camryn used her serving of yogurt at dinner as–lotion.  It was fun. I took her to 7 peaks and decided that we really need to replace the floaties I lost, because she would rather drown than let me hold her hand in the kiddie pool.  Maybe all the swimming genes on my dad sides will reemerge after a generational skip (me) and she’ll be a swimmer?  Oh—and I googled it.  That girl who said her 18 month old knows 100 words is either lying or has a nerd baby. Camryn’s 6 is just slightly below the 12 they say she should know by 18 months, thank you very much.

I know you’re really disappointed that you’re missing an evening of watching 2 hours of So You Think You Can Dance with me, but I guess you’ll have to get over it.  I’m watching it with Camryn instead who dances through every song, claps at the right times and is just all around adorable about the whole thing.  Except for when she gets ahold of the remote and pushes all the wrong buttons at crucial moments in the show.

I’m off to investigate my rouge tire (it’s gotta get me around the Alpine Loop tomorrow!), and bind a couple of books over So You Think You Can Dance.  Let’s have you be a kind of doctor that doesn’t work nights, ok?  ok.

I love you!  I miss you.  And the house is clean because I am awesome.  See you later, love.


One thought on “Dear Husband

  1. hahaha I loved this. My life is a lot less eventful when I am home & Taylor is working. Given I do get to spend nights with him. That has to be hard!

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