Strawberry Days

Tanner’s days off have been few and far between lately, so when they come, I devise all sorts of schedule acrobatics fun-filled quality family time days, like “hey! let’s bike 70 miles starting at 7:00 a.m., hit a pool party, and then go to  a rodeo that night” and since Tanner loves me he goes with it even though he worked late the night before and will work early the day after and  even though after such days we both take a long time to recover from our sun drunk exhausted hangovers and say things like why didn’t we just stay home and take naps?

They are the best of days and the worst of days.

So a couple of weeks ago (I’m late on my blogging) was one of those days, and the rodeo was part of Pleasant Grove’s Strawberry Days.  So that was the plan, and we had good intentions to actually attend the rodeo, but something about those long rides makes you hungry out of your mind like a crazy person and we kind of skipped out on the rodeo and. . .ate instead.  Ate a lot.

Our post bike ride drive home from the babysitters house conversation had gone something along the lines of plotting out how we could most quickly and efficiently eat every single morsel of food in our house.  Ok, we immediately start with the chips and salsa, while I boil a pot of water for pasta to eat with the leftover meatballs, you microwave the leftover mashed potatoes. . . etc.  (does that really sound so gross in retrospect?  at the time it sounded perfectly fabulous)

Anyway, by the time we were on our way to Strawberry days we were starving again.  And paying $26 to sit our sore bodies on bleachers in the sun in front of a rodeo that we wouldn’t actually get to watch because we’d be chasing our toddler around instead didn’t sound too appealing.  So instead we binged on carny food!  Tanner kept saying “carny food, carny food!” and I kept saying “stop saying carny food–that sounds so weird”

First up: strawberries and cream

IMG_4124And I know that it’s just strawberries in a cup with half & half poured over it and I could have it anytime I want, but for some reason it still feels like some Strawberry days special, magical, you-can-only-get-it-once-a-year-HERE treat, and they are delicious!  We downed 4.5 between the two of us (tried to share with Camryn but she was a little bit sick and a special brand of grumpy)  .5?  why .5?  well, I’ll tell you at the end.  Stick around, it’s kind of funny.



We were sore and exhausted and carnival rides like this one that used to make my 10 year heart leap with joy, looked like . . . well, like I’d rather die



So then we ate more!  Corn on the cob slathered in butter, salt and parmesan, and a mountain of super nachos.  so.  good.


I love this picture! she never let’s me hold her hand, but whatever

IMG_4132she loved the carousel, and I love having a digital camera so that we get halfway decent pictures like this and don’t have to settle for the 20 atrocities that came before it


so! then the little lady was tired and grumpy and we were homeward bound, but not before passing the strawberries and cream truck (which had a line of 50 people and was right across the sidewalk from the truck selling burgers, hot dogs, pretzels, and had zero customers)  and I suggested “one more each?”  So I waited in line while tanner weaved (wove?) his way down the sidewalk towards our car with the stroller.  20 minutes later, I had a cup of strawberries and cream in each hand, made my way through 3 blocks of crowded beyond crowded sidewalks, waited at a light, crossed the street to where Tanner was waiting on the other side.  About 10 feet away from him—-SO CLOSE!–almost there— my sandle caught the teeny tiniest of sidewalk bumps, I flew forward, and all the strawberries and cream flew straight up into the air slow motion style and landed with a devastating splatter right in front of Tanner.

It was SAD.

And embarrassing, but at least I caught myself and didn’t face plant it into the whole mess.  And there was half a cup of strawberries left and Tanner let me have it.

Maybe next year rodeo, maybe.


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